NALIP Latino Lens™: Narrative Short Film Incubator for Women of Color



The National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) aims to strengthen and grow the amount of diverse voices in media and entertainment. One of our core initiatives is to empower and advance women into positions of power. Through our Latino Lens™ Incubator Program and with the support of Netflix, we have created an invaluable opportunity to ensure diverse strong women are at the forefront of content creation. 

The Latino Lens: Narrative Short Film Incubator Women of Color commits to seek up and coming women of color filmmakers and will also provide resources and knowledge in necessary areas. The incubator will work in conjunction with partners to empower a diverse woman content creator with resources, intensive mentorship, and empowerment through the successful completion of the intended project. 

This incubator is an open call to content creators to submit their profile as well as an original short narrative concept to be considered for this signature incubator program.

Keeping with The National Association of Latino Independent Producers mission to foster and promote Latinx media, the incubator will produce and feature 4 short narrative scripts from women of color content creators.


Program will be targeted to U.S. based women of color creatives who are writers/directors. With recent studies and reports including the 2019 USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative and the DGA TV Inclusion report shining a light on lack of representation for Latinx & Women of Color directors and writers, it is crucial to put forth programs aimed to address the needs and increase the quality and quantity of directors and projects led by Women of Color. 

Participants will continue to engage and participate in mentorship and programming throughout NALIP’s staple events including:

  • NALIP Media Summit
  • Latino Media Fest™
  • Diverse Women in Media Forum

Participants would get access and be part of mentorship sessions during the NALIP events mentioned above.


After, the application and evaluation process, NALIP will select 4 women of color creatives under the Latino Lens incubator program with viable projects in the narrative (TV/Film) space to receive additional mentorship, feedback on projects, receive funding for and/or additional funding for their original project.

The chosen projects agree to create short form narrative content. In many cases, the directing style and tone will be representative of a longer piece participants intend to produce at the next stage of their career. Participants will receive guidance and mentorship from pre production production and post production. Participants will be tracked and mentored post program to ensure their success in the industry.


The NALIP Latino Lens: Narrative Short Film Incubator for Women of Color, in partnership with Netflix, will provide clear and distinctive change across the industry as we pipeline the next generation of inclusive creatives in the industry. By way of active networking, consistent mentorship and content production, this program will effectively provide  women of color the necessary tools to continue to navigate the industry and produce an original short film.

How to Apply:

Each 3 - 10 minute short film will present a creative approach and independent focus on an engaging storyline. NALIP will contribute to pre-production, production, and post-production tools, resources, and assets to support the successful completion of each film (4 total finalists). 

NALIP will also consult with these content creators on a viable distribution strategy to ensure viewer exposure.

To be considered you must apply online and submit your profile and original short narrative concept.

NALIP will consider content creator profiles until 12:00 AM/ Midnight PST on Sunday, May 23rd, 2021.

*UPDATED Incubator Timeline:

      • April 30, 2021 -  Open call / Application Launches 
      • May 23, 2021 - Deadline to apply
      • May 30, 2021 - Extended deadline
      • May 30 - June 30,  2021 - Application Selection Process
      • July 1 - July 7, 2021 - The Final 4 are selected and notified 
      • July 9, 2021 - Press release announcement
      • July 7 - August 21 - Pre-Production
      • August 22 - September 5, 2021 - Production 
      • September 6 -  September 30, 2021 Post-Production 
      • October 1st, 2021 - Final Delivery of Completed short film
      • October, 2021- Showcase 
  • All 4 finalist films will be showcased during a screening at the NALIP Latino Media Fest 2021 in early October during Latinx Heritage Month.




Apply with: 

NALIP requests the following materials for first round consideration:

  • Application form 
  • Content Creator profile
  • Original short narrative concept in logline format
  • Links to Content creator’s reel
  • Bios of key creative team
  • Short narrative concepts with themes that highlight complex lead characters, innovative and compelling storylines
  • Budget Outline (topsheet only)
  • Production timeline
  • Short Script (3-12 pages maximum)
  • Pitch Deck/Look (highlights tone, synopsis, team bios, character bios, directors statement, etc.)
  • Letter of Support from a key mentor will also be requested. This could be industry veteran with recent IMDB-verified Television, film and or digital web series credits (no older than 2018), an industry-based or arts oriented organization (such as Sundance, Film Independent, IFP, Outfest, New Filmmakers, Tribeca, PGA, DGA, WGA, FICG in LA, Walter Kaitz, Women’s Film Institute, NHMC, IDA, etc...) network, studio, MFA program, talent agency and management companies.
  • All submissions must be original concepts. Members submitting for Latino Lens must hold authorship over the work being created. They must also not have previously entered any contest or competition. Nor should it have won any previous awards. Plagiarizing or using copyrighted material without the consent of the original author will result in automatic disqualification.
  • Selected producers will work with NALIP throughout the development, production, and post-production processes. The incubator will culminate at a screening showcase at NALIP Latino Media Fest (October 2021)
  • NALIP reserves the right to withhold portions of the support if, during a required update or review of the project, certain goals and guidelines previously set are not met.
  • It is required that each Latino Lens team have all consent, release forms, rights and permissions before moving to the next phase. If the team does not meet this requirement by the end of the pre-production period, then the team will be disqualified.
  • Selected finalists must provide a financial production report that details the costs and usage of the budget and account for all support. Grantees must also acknowledge NALIP and Latino Lens in the opening and end credits, all promotional material and publicity of the short film project.
  • Funding for the NALIP Latino Lens: Narrative Short Film Incubator for Women of Color will be provided by Netflix and Latino Lens
  • More information about the initiative is available at

 Submission Review and Selection:

Proposals will be reviewed by NALIP and evaluators. Final decisions will be made by NALIP in consultation with evaluators and mentors. Successful applicants will be required to sign a binding agreement with NALIP who will administer the agreement, provide development, and production assistance.

NALIP Conditions:

NALIP is not responsible for loss or damage to material submitted with or in support of this open call. Any submission to NALIP shall become the property of NALIP (not including any intellectual property rights contained in such submission), and NALIP is not required to return any submitted materials to any Applicant. NALIP is not responsible for any violation of copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other rights that may result from disclosure made by response to this call.

Solicitation by NALIP of profile and short narrative concepts does not constitute an agreement by NALIP to extend funding to any party for the project under consideration. NALIP may, in its sole discretion, elect not to pursue this project in any manner.

By submitting a profile, short concept and if invited to submit an application for subsequent rounds, each Applicant grants to NALIP the right to duplicate, use, disclose, and distribute all of the materials submitted for purposes of evaluation, review, and research. In addition, each Applicant guarantees that the Applicant has full and complete rights to all of the information and materials included in the proposal. Each Applicant also guarantees that all such materials are not defamatory and do not infringe upon or violate the privacy rights, copyrights, or other proprietary rights of any third party.

Please read the Conditions of Agreement.

Additional Requirements:

Applicant will recognize NALIP funding support by including a NALIP and Latino Lens logo (in accordance with NALIP standards and approval) on content.

Produced content will be made available online via a third party player, such as for embedding on

If you have any questions, please e-mail: [email protected]


  • Review our webpage
  • Visit the Latino Lens webpage
  • Have the following information prepared:
    • Brief Bio
    • Work Sample
    • Provide a brief bio summarizing your narrative experience (250 Words or less)
    • Narrative Short Concept/Logline
      • The narrative short concept. Please provide a short narrative concept in logline format.
      • Themes that highlight complex lead characters, innovative and compelling storylines, and  applicants with all or most women of color team and department heads will be highly considered for Latino Lens. Concept must also adhere to NALIP’s provided guidelines
    • Links to your prior work (we prefer links via Vimeo or YouTube). If you are sending us a private link, be sure to include the password.
    • Production Team
      • List the key members of your above the line production team and their responsibilities?
    • A valid NALIP Membership

Producer applying must be a current NALIP member. To become a member, please use this link: Become a Member


The Latino Lens: Narrative Short Film Incubator for Women of Color is made possible with the support of Netflix