William Caballero Used His Granpa’s Voicemails And A 3-D Printer To Make A Hilarious Short Film


By  @ Remezcla

It's the holiday season, and while we’re all thinking about our families and what makes them crazy/great/unbearable, it’s nice to be reminded that everyone else’s family is crazy/great/unbearable, too. Enter William Caballero’s adorable/heartbreaking/uplifting short How You Doin’ Boy? a presentation of voicemails from Caballero’s ‘buelo (lovingly called Granpa) as he tries again and again to connect with his grandson. His accented English, with which he often struggles, highlights the problems of communication –- the barriers between grandson and grandparent are technological, generational, linguistic. And then the end makes you feel fuzzy.

Ahead of his broadcast premiere, we spoke to William Caballero about his process in creating How You Doin’ Boy? and whether he kept the delicately-crafted Granpa dolls.

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