Why You Should Volunteer for the NALIP Media Summit

Posted by on February 08, 2018

The National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) is having its annual Media Summit at The Ray Dolby Ballroom at Hollywood and Highland. We're looking for volunteers to join us for the four-day event to help create an inspirational experience for those interested in celebrating Latinx all across media. Volunteers will be able to participate in different teams of NALIP such as in Registration, Digital Production, Communications, PR and more! Volunteering for NALIP Media Summit is an exciting opportunity to meet new people and companies in the industry.



Image courtesy of Remezcla

Some of NALIP past speakers included Kiska Higgs, Xan Aranda and David Levine. Also, famous entertainers were awarded last year such as Zoe Saldana, Kate Del Castillo and Tony Revolori. As a volunteer, you will be able to connect and become inspired in the environment around you. The Media Summit has also had popular television channels such as HBO, Comcast and Telemundo that team up with NALIP during the event to further discuss the media industry. As a volunteer, you will a part of a Latinx cultural event where you can learn more about the way production works and have the opportunity to witness the panels and workshops that are held by professional media entertainers.

NALIP is a community that wants you, as the volunteer, to be part of its community. Perhaps you have a goal that needs a form of direction within the media industry or would simply want to gain experience to help further your career. We hope that by being a volunteer for NALIP Media Summit, you will make the connections at the event that are needed to further your career of interest. Our employers will be there for help and inform you of the tasks given. Instead of only focusing on artists who are deeply engaged in the Media Summit with other professionals, NALIP also wants to help volunteers further their career path into the right direction.  


Image courtesy of Remezcla

Whether you are interested in participating in the communications department or stage management, NALIP will give you the opportunity to be involved in whatever department you choose. It is a great way to open doors for someone that wants to further their career in media film production or writing. If you do not know which department is at interest, NALIP Media Summit is an exceptional opportunity event to discover what will interest you in your career path. Further, as a volunteer at NALIP Media Summit, you will have the opportunity to learn and apply leadership skills, learn how to be effective in a team work environment, and have an overview of a hands on experience. By being able to rely and confine these strategies while volunteering, you will grow as a person and worker.

Become engage with NALIP! Do not wait to apply last minute, send us your resume to [email protected]. The event will be held June 21st through the 24th. We hope that you decide to participate as a volunteer at NALIP Media Summit this year and experience all the opportunities that are offered.