Why SuperLatina's Gaby Natale Wants Latinas To Know That Their Voices Matter

The most comforting thought on an early morning is for someone to tell you that you’re not that different from some of the celebrities you follow on Twitter. You have the same hours in a day as say, Beyonce or Shakira. This is how Gaby Natale, Creator and Producer of SuperLatina Show, anchored our conversation for Creating Espacios.

In an episode that covers everything from how she and her team built SuperLatina’s very first set to how there was a common thread between how she managed her long distance relationship and her new entrepreneurial endeavors, Gaby inspires from the minute you hit play.

“Taking smaller steps on a smaller scale can save you a lot of trouble,” says Natale. Advice that can apply to any relationship and any endeavor.

And when it comes to “calladita te ves mas bonita,” a common saying in the Latino community that roughly translates to “you look prettier with your mouth shut,” Natale wants Latinas to unlearn this.

“Latinas should learn that having a strong voice is something to be appreciated,” she says.

She follows her wish with some tangible advice — first, “[learn] to create your own value,” and second, turn “the only one who can define my potential is me” into your personal mantra.

Take a listen to our conversation with Gaby for more tips on why surrounding yourself with a supportive community is a key to turning pipe dreams into reality.

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