Where the Sun Goes to Die

A desperate man trades pieces of his past for alcohol and love in a mysterious resort where memories are currency.



Nickolas Duarte, an Emmy nominated commercial director (NBA, Adidas, NFL, Nike, Pepsi), originally from Tucson, AZ, comes from a loving and supportive family. He had never seen himself as someone who had to overcome serious obstacles. However, after graduating from college and facing an exclusive industry, he realized that there were opportunities he was not able to take advantage of because of his status, background or ethnicity.

Today, Duarte recently directed an eBay commercial campaign and is currently working on a series for WB. He will be premiering several works this fall and released his short film Trouble Will Find Her.

Nickolas was a finalist and directed Where the Sun Goes to Die under NALIP’s Latino Lens: Shorts Narrative Incubator in 2018.

Connect with Nickolas


Twitter: @mrnickduarte

Check out Duarte’s Portfolio at nickolasduarte.com

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