What to Expect at the NALIP Media Summit

Posted by on February 15, 2018

We are fast approaching the 19th Annual National Association of Latino Independent Producers Media Summit. Here are some of your workshops and panels you may have missed out on last year!

1. See some of the most influential Latinx celebrities

Aubrey Plaza 2016 NALIP Media Awards 

Aubrey Plaza

“If you have an idea, you want to be a filmmaker, you want to create content, the people at NALIP are there for you and they’ll help you. It’s all about support.” 

Tony Plana

“I just worked on a short film by Albert L. He couldn’t have made the call to me without getting the money to do a three-day shoot for a twenty minute film. And he would have never have had that opportunity if it wasn’t for NALIP.”

Zoe Saldana

“An organization like NALIP exists so that more Latino voices can be heard and more opportunities can be created actively by all of us who can to break down walls.”

2. Attend Panels Full of the Industry’s Top Leading Executives, Showrunners, & Producers

Image Pictured 'Critical Voices: The Importance of Film Critics of Color Panel.'

Last year, attendees were able to hear speakers such as Gil Robertson and Carla Renata discuss the importance of diversity in the entertainment industry and how to pitch a project in order to increase media awareness. 

A few examples of engaging panels at the NALIP Media Summit: 

  • Creating Content for the Future (VR + 360) Speakers: Speakers: Angel Manuel Soto (Director), Elisabeth Morant (Product Manager, Google VR), Guy Garcia (Best-Selling Author/Digital Media Entrepreneur), Rose Troche (Writer/Director/Producer)
  • Through The Eyes of a Cinematographer: Master ClassSpeaker: Dana Gonzalez (Cinematographer)
  • The Keys To A Power Punching PitchSpeakers: Amy Halpin (Director of Filmmaker Services, The International Documentary Association (IDA)), Jessica Pavao (Director of Development, 3Pas Studios, Brittany Machado (Independent Filmmaker), Toni Bell (Filmmaker Services Manager, IDA)

3.Gain Valuable Skills and Knowledge from Various Workshops


Image Pictured 'Emerging Content Creators Workshop'

There are valuable skills from our workshop and industry experts to push your project forward. 

Beyond the Score

Music behind a film can make or break the impact it holds on an audience, and last year composers Juan Carlos Rodriguez and Sharon Farber discussed their search for the perfect score. Learn how to use music to enhance your project with one of our workshops. 

Through the Eyes of a Cinematographer: Master Class

Lights can help enhance the mood of your story, and Cinematopher Dana Gonzalez, known for Legion, Fargo, and Southland, used this space as an interactive case study and taught attendees how to sharpen their eye for heading camera and lighting departments.

4. Check Out Screenings of Upcoming and Popular Projects!

Rosie Rivera and Elva Saray from Telemundo’s ‘Acceso Total!’

If you are a movie lover and curious on up-and-coming projects, attend our screenings with our special guest speakers. 

Last year, attendees received a chance to view the telenovela based on Jenni Rivera’s autobiography Unbreakable: My Story, My Way and met with Rosie Rivera and Elva Saray from Telemundo’s ‘Acceso Total!’

Another project attendees witnessed was centered around the life of Dolores Huerta, celebrated agricultural labor activist who dedicates her life to shed light on the struggles of thousands of immigrants.