Time Warner Signs on as Primary Supporter for NALIP Latino Film Incubation Program

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Los Angeles, CA (December 18, 2014) -- The National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) today announced that it will receive $150,000 from the Time Warner Foundation in support of their Latino Lens incubation and short content production program. NALIP’s Latino Lens program is a new NALIP initiative that will incubate and produce a series of Latino filmmakers’ projects & showcase their talents as producers, directors, and writers.  

“We are thrilled to support this important initiative that will serve to elevate Latino storytellers.” Lisa Garcia Quiroz, President, Time Warner Foundation.

Keeping with NALIP’s mission to foster and promote Latino media artists, the Latino Lens program, with a submission call in early 2015, will select 3-5 short feature film scripts from Latino content creators. Each short film will present through a creative approach and independent focus, a storyline of 3-10 minutes long that will be provided pre-production, production, and post-production tools, resources and assets to support the successful completion of each film while later working with them on distribution strategy and outlets.

“We decided that feature filmmakers needed more hands-on and direct production support if they were going develop long term careers in a difficult industry that has had its share of challenges in embracing Latino content or its creators.” said Axel Caballero, Executive Director of NALIP. “We’re thankful to the Time Warner Foundation for their support in a program that will undoubtedly move Latino creators forward.”

This new NALIP incubation and production program initiative comes as a result of needs identified through conversations with members, the 2014 NALIP Media Summit, industry leaders’ perspectives, as well as Latino film scholars surrounding NALIP’s commissioned The Latino Media Gap report this past summer. With Latino Lens, NALIP looks to build on previous residential instruction programs and growing incubation efforts by executing direct short film production in order to address this increasing Latino media gap.


About Time Warner Foundation:

The Time Warner Foundation is a private, nonprofit foundation that is wholly supported by Time Warner Inc. and its subsidiary companies Home Box Office, Inc., Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.  Its mission is to seek innovative and powerful ways to discover, nurture and celebrate the next generation of storytellers.  Through its New Works/New Voices initiatives, the Foundation strives to build impactful partnerships with best-in-class nonprofit organizations that push the boundaries of artist development and support underrepresented storytellers.  The Foundation's ultimate goal is the cultivation of an artistic community that is rich, vibrant and relevant to audiences of today and tomorrow.

About NALIP:

The National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) seeks to inspire, promote, and advocate for Latino content creators in media. As an established non-profit organization, NALIP advances the development of Latino content creation through its programs focusing on narrative, documentary, TV, and digital formats. For more information, please visit www.NALIP.org.


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