Time Warner Foundation Announces Next Round of Film Grantees

Posted by on August 17, 2017

 The Time Warner Foundation has been a long time supporter of NALIP, we are thrilled to be collaborating for the next two years, as NALIP was recently awarded the Time Warner Foundation grant amongst six other outstanding organizations.The Time Warner Foundation granted organizations, "committed to developing and showcasing outstanding filmmakers, advance the ongoing work of the Foundation to support the next generation of storytellers for a global audience".


Lisa Garcia Quiroz, President, Time Warner Foundation shares, “For more than a decade now, the Time Warner Foundation has been committed to supporting the next generation of new and powerful storytellers who represent our changing American landscape. Our investments seek to promote a more inclusive field and provide opportunities for gifted artists doing astonishing work.”

The partners for this round of funding include: Chicken & Egg Pictures (New York, NY), Film Independent (Los Angeles, CA), Independent Filmmaker Project (New York, NY), National Association of Independent Latino Producers (Los Angeles, CA), SFFILM (San Francisco, CA), Sundance Institute (Los Angeles, CA) and Tribeca Film Institute (New York, NY).

“The Time Warner Foundation envisions a Hollywood that will one day reflect the kaleidoscope of our diverse communities across the country. We are committed to building a pipeline of diverse artists who believe in the transformative power of great stories. The work of creating this space is ongoing and I feel confident in our partners to stay on the journey with us. We’re in this together” says Executive Director, Cultural Investments at Time Warner, Diahann Billings-Burford.

In 2016, thanks to the support of the Time Warner Foundation, NALIP wrapped up a series of three short narrative films which tackled various social and present issues in society. From a water conservation inspirational story led by a young and mute Latina heroine (Swimming in the Desert by Alvaro Ron), to a dystopian warning on the misuse of technology (Windows by Maru Buendia-Senties) and the plight of Latino veterans and their reintegration of society in (One Halloween by Rebecca Murga). These are only a handful of issues that we tackled in our incubation program along with breaking Latino stereotypes.

NALIP will utilize the grant for the development of the second round of the Latino Lens Incubators. The Latino Lens Incubator has created opportunities invaluable to our community of emerging content creators. NALIP focuses on increasing quality and quantity of projects and talent from diverse emerging content creators, mid-career to seasoned professionals across all media. NALIP’s hopes are that we will be able to provide the necessary and innovative tools, programs and projects for the community and ultimately for the public at large.

Read The Time Warner Foundation Official Announcement HERE.

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