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    Q: What Workshops, Sessions or Master Classes would you like to see? How can we improve next year?
    A: Financing Workshop and a Master Class with A-listers if they’re available, of course.

    2016 Diverse Women in Media Forum - Survey


    On behalf of NALIP, our Executive Director Axel Caballero and Projects Director Ben Lopez, Co-Coordinators, Natalia Arevalo and Liliana Espinoza, we would like to thank you for being part of the 2016 NALIP Diverse Women in Media Forum.

    Our community unites and gets stronger thanks to dynamic industry women leaders like you, who are willing to share their knowledge to help diverse women voices spread across the media landscape.

    Please take the time to take this very brief survey! This valuable information allows us to develop and provide substantial growth to the purpose and effectiveness of our events and programming. Thank you in advance for taking the time.

    We hope to see you next year!

    (You may start survey questions below, thank you!)

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