The Getty Foundation Multicultural Internship Program: An Impactful Opportunity


Alumni of the Getty's Multicultural Internship Program, Image By: Christina House / For The Times

L.A. Times’ Carolina A. Miranda highlights the Getty’s Multicultural Internship Program, twenty-five years since its inception. Founded in reaction to the 1992 Los Angeles riots, the Getty Foundation realized the lack of art organizations and meaningful initiatives/programs that reflected the diversity of Los Angeles. The idea behind the program was to establish a pipeline, providing paid internships for underrepresented minorities, who would get real-world professional experience and that would in return prepare them for their future professions.

Since the founding of the program, the growth has been evident and exponential. With 89 interns in the summer of 1993, and in recent years, reaching upwards of 3,200 funded internships and an estimated involvement of 160 Los Angeles art organizations. In recent news, the foundation is in record to invest over $12 million into the program. With Latinos making up half of Los Angeles, NALIP is excited to see the opportunities that will become available to the Latinx community through the Getty’s Multicultural Internship Program.

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