The Diversity Discussion to Take Place December 5th


Image courtesy of the diversity discussion 

NALIP has partnered up with NewBay Media for The Diversity Discussion event which gathers leaders in TV and video, agencies, and production as well as popular on-air talent. They will share their individual perspectives on the business of serving TV and video for diverse audience segments. These segments are defined by ethnicity; nationality; regional or cultural identity; religious affiliation; gender; and/or sexual orientation.

The event opens with the exciting Awards for Diversity in TV and Video Luncheon which celebrate the contributions of individual executives, on-air talent and producers within the multicultural TV business.  Awards are presented by celebrities in 12 different categories.  The Awards are followed by an afternoon program of panel discussions and breakout sessions that address the continued growth and sustainability of the business of multicultural TV and video.

Afternoon sessions focus on depicting diversity on screen and in digital video, attracting and measuring diverse audience segments and accurately depicting diversity in productions.   These sessions feature leaders from various areas of the TV and video business including talent, production, advertising, marketing, promotions, programming, distribution technology, and more.

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