Statement Of Solidarity and Resources


#BlackLivesMatter #WeAreInclusion



It is important for statements to have substantive initiatives to help advance inclusion and belonging, AAFCA and NALIP will join forces to work on the following:

  • Via our Incubator initiative, we will provide joint resources to Afro-Latinx and Black content creators to complete their short form projects.


  • Via NALIP@Festivals initiative we will commit to expanding resources to Black and Afro-Latinx creatives with projects in development and in need of funds for festival fees and waivers. 
    • Resources for creatives to submit projects to major film festivals in order to amplify the efforts


  • Via our Latino Media Resource Project, we will track data of participants and their projects to help guide our inclusion and belonging efforts.   


  • Via our Emerging Content Creators Inclusion Initiative, ECCII, we will prioritize and provide scholarships and mentorship for creatives via:

If you want to join the efforts please contact:

[email protected]

If you are press and would like to hear more contact:

[email protected] 


Allies, members and supporters please find additional resources below.


1. Donate to the BLMLA Action Fund

This fund will go toward bail, fees, and medical expenses for activists taking part in protests.

2. The People's Budget LA

Information about the movement to prioritize funding for public services and end police violence against communities of color. 


1. Racial Justice Art & Story Sessions
"Building true cross-racial understanding and a sense of shared destiny amongst and between immigrant and refugee communities requires unlearning the centuries of anti-Black racism in the United States that has been exported across the world through social norms, culture, media, and policy."

2. The Center for Cultural Power 
#NoGoingBack: A COVID-19 Cultural Strategy Activation Guide for Artists and Activists to meet the moment.

3. Anti-Racism for Beginners
Anti-racist resources, readings, and other materials.

From Racial Equity Tools, for educational contexts.
Curricula that address racism, tolerance, and historical oppression.

7. Read the Hollywood Diversity Report