Jesse Quinones' 'Calloused Hands' Premiering at Miami Int. Film Fest

Writer, Director, and Producer Jesse Quinones, who participated in both the NALIP Latino Writers Lab and Latino Producers Academy in 2011 with his feature project Calloused Hands, is to premiere his film at the Miami International Film Festival on Sunday, March 3 at 9:30pm. Tickets and information online here.

Calloused Hands stars a powerful cast, which includes Andre Royo (HBO's The Wire), Daisy Haggard (Showtime's Episodes), and Hans Howes (There Will Be Blood). And it features a breakout performance from 14-year-old Latino actor Luca Oriel.
Calloused Hands tells the coming-of-age story of Josh, a 12-year-old mixed race boy growing up in Miami who shows promise as a baseball player. He is abused by his mother's boyfriend Byrd, and neglected by his mother Debbie. He manages to forge his own path when his estranged grandfather insists he study for his Bar Mitzvah.
The film is largely based on the tumultuous life of Jesse Quinones, a 31-year-old writer/director who was Bar Mitzvahed at the Bal Harbour synagogue.
"Calloused Hands is deeply personal and a long time in the making," Jesse said. "I started working on it 12-years-ago as an English major at Broward Community College. It is truly a labor of love. And I only hope that people will be touched by this story."
Andre Royo, who also serves as one of the producers on the project, added: "What attracted me to Calloused Hands first and foremost was the passion and fearlessness Jesse expressed about the story. It takes great courage to open up about ones own childhood and the abuse they suffered. It seemed like a therapeutic and theatrical experience not only for Jesse, but also for myself as a father. It was exactly what we needed at that moment in time."
Mr Royo continued: "People should see Calloused Hands because it's an intense, heart felt, and honest story about the pursuit of perfection and a compelling drama that shows the power of self reflection and a true examination of purpose in parenting."
Calloused Hands was shot entirely in Miami in the Autumn of 2012 using a cast and crew comprised largely of Miami born talent. Because of this, a Miami world premiere felt like the perfect fit.
"Where you decide to premiere a feature film is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly," said Jesse. "And there were just so many reasons why we felt a World Premiere in Miami International Film Festival was absolutely the right choice. Firstly, the fact that it is the festival's 30th anniversary marks an incredible milestone, and we wanted to be a part of that.
"And secondly, this is just such a Miami movie. We shot on the little league fields I used to play on, in the synagogue where I had my Bar Mitzvah in, in friends and family's houses and apartments. To come back home and share this film with the people I love, and the people that love me will be the most amazing experience. I fell in love with movies as a kid when my mom used to take me to the Regal Cinema in South Beach. Now I will get the chance to screen my film there. It's a dream come true."