Kevin Tostado's Doc 'Under the Boardwalk' Released

Director and NALIP member Kevin Tostado's documentary Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story has just been released on DVD and digital download. The film presents a captivating story about the board game Monopoly and those who play it, culminating with the high-stakes Monopoly world championships held every four years. 

A worldwide cultural phenomenon, the classic board game Monopoly has been played by over a billion people in the last 75 years. Kevin Tostado's film follows some of the most colorful players in the game as they prepare for the 2009 Monopoly U.S. Championship, all the while hoping they advance to the highly competitive world championship. Tostado gains unprecedented access to several Monopoly championships around the world, where he profiles several passionate individuals who are determined to become the next Monopoly World Champion. 

Narrated by Zachary Levi (NBC's Chuck, Disney's Tangled) and featuring interviews with business executives, industry insiders, collectors and Monopoly aficionados, Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story also features some of the top players of the game:
* Rick Marinaccio--A competitive lawyer from Buffalo, NY, who believes that playing Monopoly hones skills that are useful for lawyers.
* Dale Crabtree--A communications coordinator from Indianapolis, IN, who grew up playing the board game with his family at their lake house.
* Domenic Murgo--A labor contract negotiator from Arlington, VA, who began playing the game when he was 6 years old. 
* Tim Vandenberg--A 6th grade teacher from Victorville, CA, who uses Monopoly to teach math concepts and negotiation skills to his students.
* Matt McNally--Stage manager at Jubilee! in Las Vegas, NV, who won the 2003 Monopoly U.S. Championship. 
* Ken Koury--A determined lawyer from Woodland Hills, CA, who developed a coaching team comprised of former tournament winners to prepare for the championship.
* Lee Bayrd--Winner of the first Monopoly World Championship held in 1973.

Monopoly's rich history is also revealed as Tostado traces the origins and its evolution to the game we know today. From helping WWII POWs escape to cropping up in movies and television since its inception, Monopoly's popularity has spread across the world as devoted fans and players are brought together by a shared love of the game.

Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story won an Audience Award for the Best Documentary at the 2010 Anaheim International Film Festival and a Silver Telly Award at the 2011 Telly Awards. The film was also an official selection at the 2010 Austin Film Festival, followed by a limited theatrical release in March 2011.

Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story is directed by Kevin Tostado; executive produced by Stephen Nemeth; produced by Craig Bentley and Kevin Tostado; and co-produced by Betsy Stahl. The DVD includes the 2009 World Championship Final Game; "The Methods, Math & Myths of Monopoly;" Narrator Zachary Levi Outtake Reel; Extended Scenes; and an Interactive Monopoly quiz.