'Latin Slate' Now On Streaming Video

Tune in to the latest interview with our very own, NALIP NY’s 2011 Co-Chair President Roberto Alcazar, founder of EO Integration. He shares his extensive experience in multicultural advertising; the growing opportunities for Latinos in the industry; and his latest projects, including the hit TV Show —The TuNite show con Lorenzo Parro.

Roberto, started in advertising over 18 years ago, working in Spain, Latin America, and the U.S. for top advertising agencies such as FCB, Saatchi & Saatchi and Grey. In 2007 he produced and directed his first documentary, CASI 10, feature in more than 10 Film Festivals worldwide. In 2009 Roberto completed production of subHysteria, released in South America in May 2010, his first feature film as co-writer, producer and executive producer. He is currently producing his second feature ‘200 Cartas’, set for release in the summer of 2012

Check Latin Slate out at NALIP NY's YouTube Channel.

Very Special Thanks to the talent and generosity of our familia, NALIPsters:

Director Eddie Pagán, Latin Horror’s founder; Music Composer Richard Martinez of Light Body Music; Editor Jorge Bustos-Estefan, Editor/Production Coordinator at Red Creek Productions.

Latin Slate to Re-Launch in Summer 2012

Look for Latin Slate this summer on its own site Latin-Slate.com. The show will continue to celebrate and promote talented, accomplished Latinos working in various areas of media while providing compelling, informative content about the trends and opportunities continually evolving in our industry—narrative film, documentary, TV, New Media and more. 

Producers of the show are interested in hearing from you for possible future episodes. For more information contact Executive Producer, Giovanna Aguilar atgaguilar@candescoproductions.com