Socially Engaged Documentary Art

June 17 - June 21st
Early Deadline: June 1
This seminar will offer conceptual understanding and exercises for addressing the challenges of producing participatory documentary art. In an effort to realize (if not restore) a collective and creative social space, many artists have engaged communities in ways that transcend the concept of authorship. People, relationships and experience constitute the main material and medium of these practices, which question the artistic, political and social status of art. This five-day course will consider a wide range of issues from authorship, art activism and social practice to audience engagement and experience. 
Filmmaker and multimedia artist Amir Husak will be conducting the seminar.

The Fine Cut
An Intensive Seminar on Film Editing
May 29 - May 31
For many documentarians, the “cutting room” is where their film becomes a film. Editing is an undertaking at once emotional and practical, instinct-driven yet labor-intensive, that brings structure and meaning to the many hours of raw material. This workshop will expose a small group of participants  to a diverse range of analysis and creative approaches to film editing. Over the course of the three days, participants will be guided by filmmakers, critics, editors, to a deeper understanding of the editing process in both theory and practice. 
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