What are the requirements?

  • Writers should be Latinx and currently residing currently in the US - any country of origin or other status is fine
  • Any kind of story is eligible and will be considered
  • All scripts must have one Latinx character in a prominent, lead role
  • Scripts can be bilingual as long as they are written primarily in English
  • Original feature films, half-hours and one-hour pilots considered, no webseries, theatrical scripts or documentaries 
  • All levels of experience considered for submitting writers  
  • Writing teams are eligible as long as one member of the team identifies as Latinx.
  • Scripts submitted should be as free from attachments as possible


In July 2019, as Deadline reported, The Black List partnered with NALIP The Latin Tracking Board, Mijente, The Nathan Cummings Foundation, Remezcla and UnidosUS to create the very first Latinx List for feature screenplays.

In 2020, The Black List, NALIP, The Latin Tracking Board, and Untitled Latinx Project launched the Latinx TV List (Deadline Article here). 2019 Latinx List!