Posted by on September 13, 2018

Through the this activation, NALIP aims to provide support for college ready urban youth through media training & resources.

NALIP's Mission With Emerging Content Creators Inclusion Initiative:

The Emerging Content Creator Inclusion Initiative seeks to provide opportunities to youth from underrepresented communities to explore a career that they would not have considered because of the lack of exposure in their communities.

The Initiative does not only engage college ready youth/graduates in being creative in the industry to provide additional support and help pave the way for those to come. We’ve had great success from our Latino Lens Workshop Series in bringing professionals in digital producing, VR/AR experience, writing for both tv/film, & showrunning with positive impact on our members from which we wish to extend to those wanting to pursue a career in media through this Initiative. 

  • Employment in the creative industries
  • Recruiting and retention rates for local higher education institutions
  • Percentage of graduates from local higher education institutions that remain in LA County 5 years after graduating
  • Trainings and/or in-person engagements
  • Encourage businesses to change practices
  • Connect Angelenos with impactful volunteer opportunities
  • Increase donations to organizations and causes

Minorities and women have registered gains in several key areas of television but remained disproportionately represented in most areas of the entertainment industry, according to the 2018 Hollywood Diversity Report by UCLA. This year, there has been an impact of diverse representation as seen through films like Coco, Black Panther & Ava Duvernay’s A Wrinkle in Time in the box office figures and viewer ratings.

America’s audience demand for inclusivity has resonated throughout the entertainment industry and we’re seeing the shift in the growing need for content creators to create more of these inclusive stories. By the year 2050, minorities will become the majority and for Los Angeles’ biggest industries, the need not only for diverse stories in entertainment but a more inclusive workforce, is imminent. Since it’s inception, NALIP’s mission is to advance Latinx content creators and their careers by providing resources and guidance in order to provide more accurate representation behind the camera, from producers to directors to even those just starting their career.

With the Emerging Content Creator Inclusion Initiative, NALIP aims to support ALL creators from diverse backgrounds in preparing them to enter the media workforce. The Emerging Content Creators Inclusion Initiative will help make a LA the best place to create by providing access to college ready youth and those interested in media opportunities to learn and prepare for the entertainment industry workforce. It is intended to be an informative step by step guide for young content creators to successfully transition into the industry through forums, networking, mentoring, summer programs, workshops, and funding college-entry projects.

Top industry professionals will share their insights and experience, along with some of their biggest challenges. Through the physical, and digital platforms NALIP will provide, the ECC Inclusion Initiative will reach over 100,000 Angelenos and promote the advancement of emerging talent, reach youth and create awareness. With the support from LA2050, the Emerging Content Creators Inclusion Initiative will be able to stand as its own program by funding additional staff, supporting the production of workshops, digital team, funding production of projects as well as aid in leveraging NALIP’s industry partners such as CAA, Youtube, CBS, Google, and more by providing participants access to mentorship/job opportunities after undergoing the program.

The initiative will aid in bridging the gap between diverse content creators and the media companies that need them, creating more opportunities for underrepresented communities as well as providing more representation in the media landscape. As a result of the ECC Inclusion Initiative, college ready youth will be able to gain access to resources in regards to both film/media universities and serve as a pipeline to the entertainment job market in Los Angeles to give a more diverse, equitable, and creative Los Angeles.