NALIP is excited to announce we will be having an Emerging Content Creators workshop at the 2018 Latino Media Fest on Tuesday, September 27, 2018!

The workshop is intended to be an informative step by step guide for young content creators to successfully transition into the industry. Top industry professionals will share their insights and experience, along with some of their biggest challenges. Following the discussion, attendees will be placed into groups with selected industry professionals, where they will be able to ask questions and gain a more intimate mentorship. 

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Our Mission:

The Emerging Content Creator Inclusion Initiative seeks to provide opportunities to youth from underrepresented communities to explore a career that they would not have considered because of the lack of exposure in their communities.

The Initiative does not only engage college ready youth/graduates in being creative in the industry to provide additional support and help pave the way for those to come. We’ve had great success from our Latino Lens Workshop Series in bringing professionals in digital producing, VR/AR experience, writing for both tv/film, & showrunning with positive impact on our members from which we wish to extend to those wanting to pursue a career in media through this Initiative. 

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