CAPTIVE is a powerful short film tackling the issue of child trafficking. At any given time there are 15 to 20 million women and children living as trafficked slaves. As women filmmakers, we set out to create a film that highlights their struggle.

From The Director

It was just a part-time job that got me through school. During that time, I would meet many incredible young women, some girls, who were trafficked across the border, and used as slaves when they got to the US.

At the time I was too young to understand the complexity of immigration and human trafficking and the horror of the trafficking of human beings that takes place every day on a scale that is staggering. The National Human Trafficking Resource Center lists California as the state with the highest number of reported human-trafficking victims, with 1,323 cases reported in 2017.

I served as a soldier overseas in Iraq in Afghanistan and the daughter of a Guatemalan immigrant, 
I have spent time with women whose rights and human dignity have been stripped away. This story deals with the fundamental human rights of women and children needs to be told to keep this topic at the forefront and try to put an end to the  $32 billion business.