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  • commented on Your Thoughts On Comcast -Time Warner Cable Merger 2015-02-06 22:26:33 -0800
    In reading both sides and having watched and read many interviews with Robert Rodriguez. I have to say I’m for the Comcast merger. Being an Independent Latino Producer, I feel that though the “El Rey” network, which was made possible through Comcast and the merger is going to be ONE way that my work will get noticed. Being in support of the “El Rey” network, I feel that I must support the merger. I believe that when Latinos buckle down and work together, anything can be accomplished. Like Gina Rodriquez was taught to say, “Today is a great day, I can and I will.” If we all keep repeating that, no company or merger can stop us from achieving our goals and making our dreams a reality.

    Your Thoughts On Comcast -Time Warner Cable Merger

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    2 newly hired Female Assassins are secretly pitted against each other by the very company that just hired them.