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    As a Chicano writer who writes Chicano/a New Mexico themed stories, how do I find directors &/or produces looking to produce these type of stories?

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    Synopsis by

    Leo Reyes


    “Kenóō” Etymology is from Greek(kevów): “to empty out.”

    This is a psychological drama.

    “A tormented police detective investigates the murder of a prostitute despite his belief that

    his dream life is leaking into his reality.”

    A PTSD suffering police detective risks his life and sanity returning to his violent work. On the outskirts of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Detective Jaimé Lucas uses his shotgun to lead a suspect and Police Officer Sheila Martinez through the mob of gang bangers. They make way as the Police helicopter floods a lighted path for them. In the shadows, enforcer Derek Johnson and drug dealer Cisco Guinle observe.

    Jaimé has a problem. It’s not that he is being stalked by Derek as he constantly runs the Eleña Gallegos Trail over the Sandia Crest whileDerek trains his rifle and scope on him as he runs down the trail. Nor is it because a woman photographs him at the gym kick boxing. It’s that he can’t stop running–he fears losing control of a crime scene so he pushes himself.

    Derek hands some photographs to Cisco that show Jaimé constantly training like a ninja tri-athlete. Derek doesn’t like cops and, in particular, he doesn’t like Jaimé. Derek is a steroid monster with a passion for violence. But Cisco is meaner, he makes it clear to Derek that he doesn’t want the detective killed. He wants to break him.

    Derek’s girlfriend, Amanda Jordan, is a beautiful stripper with charges of prostitution. She seduces Jaimé and finds out his secret. Unfortunately for her, she becomes Cisco’s bait.

    Patrolling on night duty, Sheila finds Jaimé in a downtown alley standing over Amanda’s body. A solitary tear drops from his vacant eyes.

    Investigating Detective Jennie Wald can’t understand Jaimé’s statement that he can’t remember what he was doing at the crime scene. She thinks he killed Amanda and she wants him to admit it–which he refuses to do since he can’t remember why he was there! She mocks him by asking him if his brain is leaking out of his ears? Then she slams the photographs on the table. The first few are of Amanda’s crime scene including those of the detective himself, lost. But then she gets to the photos of when Jaimé tried to arrest Derek and Cisco at a drug deal. Cisco used a box cutter on the detective. The last photograph shows Jaimé holding his left eye ball in his hand as it hangs from its socket. And now, Detective Wald tells him that Amanda’s throat was cut with a box cutter.

    Charged and suspended, Jaimé begins his own investigation. Despite his PTSD, he finds out who killed Amanda and framed him. Unfortunately, when he confronts Cisco, Cisco misleads him and sends him to a confrontation with Derek who now has the okay to kill Jaimé. Jaimé survives the confrontation but not without being wounded and killing Derek.

    Suffering from more trauma, Jaimé is honorably retired with charges dropped. And Derek is the convenient escape goat of Amanda’s murder. The sergeant even reads the Police Psychiatrist recommendation: that Jaimé spend his nights in jail. Which becomes an omen when he goes to Mexico.

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    Hello: I’m a screenwriter with two very Chicano/a themed stories that I want to submit to directors & producers that are interested in this type of material. I don’t have a website so how can I post my loglines, synopsis & scripts. Thank you for your help…Leo Reyes


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