Reko Moreno is a multi-talented artist focused on acting, directing, producing and writing. He graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance, which supports him in his quest to better understand the business side of entertainment. Reko's latest feature, It's A Love Story, uniquely mixes originality and branding never seen before in filmmaking, which Reko attests to his background in business. He wrote and directed this film while also working as director and producer across the country and the globe on 20 episodes of the Robert Rodriguez Docu-Series Bushido Battleground.

Prior to 2019, Reko was volunteering his time as the Vice President of Nosotros, the oldest Latino organization in Hollywood. Nosotros' mission has become his mission; to have a positive portrayal of Latinos and people of color in front and behind the camera. Additional accolades include the NALIP Producer Fellowship, The NALIP Media Summit, The Producer's Guild of America Fellowship for Diversity, and becoming a spokesperson for The American Heart Association. Read more about about Reko here!