Reader + Graphic Designer - Coverfly

Do you love reading screenplays and creating great visual design? Do you want to help writers improve their craft and grow their careers?
The Reader + Graphic Designer ensures writers receive helpful, constructive feedback on their work and that the design of marketing material and product is visually appealing. 
The primary focus of the Reader + Graphic Designer will be to read and analyze screenplays. The role’s secondary priority will be to create visual journeys for our audience with compelling graphic design distinguished by brand.

We're looking for someone who enjoys:

    • Reading screenplays
    • Giving written feedback to help others improve
    • Design work and video editing
    • Roles with consistency and structure
    • Receiving and giving feedback


    • Knowledge of In-Design and Adobe Creative Cloud and experience creating high-quality graphic design assets
    • Read screenplays, provide written feedback, and participate in group debates about your favorites
    • Design marketing material for multiple brands, capturing unique and consistent design elements for each brand
    • Collaborate with the data team to present industry data in visually compelling ways

Candidates can apply here