Rays Podcast: Flavio Morales’ Keys to Hollywood Success


As I was preparing my schedule for Los Angeles recently, I asked the spiritual guru of Rays Podcast Jim “Dali” Lujan who should we interview during our one free afternoon. In the midst of La La Land, what Ray of Light could we talk to that could shine some life changing wisdom on us while giving Latinos all over the country a some insight into the life of Latinos in Hollywood?

As always, Jim came through. He recommended we meet up with Flavio Morales, a longtime Hollywood Producer who is also a real dude from East LA. At first, I thought securing an interview with Flavio would be a longshot. This is the man that developed the “I Love Jenni” series that touched so many of us and made her untimely death even more of a touchstone for U.S. Latinos. Sure he’s pretty busy. Indeed, Flavio is swamped, but he was gracious enough to squeeze us into his schedule for an interview we recorded recently in his Burbank office.

Even before we began interview, Flavio and his colleague Vicky already provided an incredible life lesson: you are never too ‘busy’ to serve others. ‘Being up there’ is no excuse for closing the door behind you to the next person looking for opportunity, guidance and a mentor.

Our time with Flavio was a Masters’ Lecture on how a Latino imagecan thrive in Hollywood while not leaving their identity ‘at the door.’ Flavio’s message is chock full of great advice on how to thrive in Entertainment or any career path.

Listen to full podcast as Flavio Morales of Big Vida Entertainment shares what we all can learn from each step in his path.

Highlights of conversation with Flavio Morales included:

–How Flavio began his Televsion career without even knowing what “internship” meant.

–How Flavio became one of the seminal ILLEGAL INTERNS?

–What we can all learn from Flavio’s “schizophrenic” resume and his father’s philosophy about working “because there is work to be done?”

–The importance of NEVER SAYING “don’t’ do it” to your loved ones as they pursue their dreams.

–Why the quote “You’ve Got to Chase It” is so central to Flavio’s personal philosophy.

–How Flavio balances being a Latino Content Producer while not becoming marginalized.

–When Flavio broke a fax machine to get his big break on LA Radio.

–How to prepare for success to maintain collaborative spirit throughout your journey.

–Why your honest reputation helps lead to that “crack of opportunity.”

–Flavio provides his state of Latinos in Hollywood. How is emerging Latino focused media changing the game? Is this biggest TV year for Latinos ever? –How does Devious Maids impact the ongoing debate amongst Latino media images?

–Who is the most powerful Latino in Hollywood that Hispanics don’t even know?

–Which Superstar does Flavio believe epitomizes how young Latinos can create their own unique voice.

–What TV Show Idea did Ray Collazo pitch to Flavio right on the spot?

Also, Flavio updates us from his latest home at Big Vida Entertainment. Listen to how Flavio and his primo Steve Alfaro have developed a cutting edge Latino Production Company that is developing programs with NCLR and El Rey Network.

I want to thank Flavio Morales of Big Vida Entertainment for his generous time to record this exhilarating edition of Rays Podcast: Latino Talk That Will Change Your Life. And definitely want to shoutout Jim Lujan for co-hosting the episode and setting up the interview with Flavio and Vicky. Keep shining Big Vida and the Dali Lujan!

Listen to Ray's Podcast interview with Flavio here