Protest is about a young woman trying to get healthcare at her local Planned Parenthood, and finding that difficult because of the protest manifested outside the clinic.



Davy Perez is a writer, producer, and aspiring director who has been involved with NALIP since 2009; starting as an intern in junior college and becoming involved with several programs through taking on the role of production coordinator. Since then he's become a writer and most recently has showcased his directorial work through the Latino Media Fest 2018. Perez recently worked on the CW show, Supernatural and previously was a writer on ABC's American Crime. Perez alongside Aaron Baiers and Akela Cooper ez will serve as co-executive producers for the newly ordered CBS Series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Perez was a finalist and directed Protest under NALIP’s Latino Lens: Shorts Narrative Incubator in 2018.


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