What Programs Does NALIP Offer?


NALIP offers an array of programs to its community and members. In addition to our tentpole event, the annual NALIP Media Summit, we offer year-round engagement for our constituency. 

During the NALIP Media Summit, we host the Latino Media Market, where selected participants can pitch their project directly to established industry executives.

Following the NALIP Media Summit, we host the annual Latino Media Fest, where we showcase the best in U.S. based Latinx content. In the winter, we host the Diverse Women in Media Forum, a one-day event where women in the industry come together to learn from one another and build community. 

Throughout the year, NALIP offers the Latino Lens Workshop Series, where participants gain firsthand guidance and knowledge from established industry professionals. In addition to this, each event NALIP hosts has a component dedicated to providing guidance to emerging content creators by way of our Emerging Content Creators Workshops. 

NALIP also prioritizes supporting Latinx projects through our Latino Lens Incubators, which are designed to provide Latinx individuals opportunities to create sustainable careers for themselves in the industry. Our Latino Lens Incubators range in purpose, from securing funding for projects in development to providing curriculum for individuals' professional development.  

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