American Antiquarian Society

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185 Salisbury St.
Worcester, Massachusetts 01609
United States

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Support Provided

The American Antiquarian Society (AAS), a national research library and learned society of American history and culture, is calling for applications for visiting fellowships for historical research by creative and performing artists, writers, film makers, journalists, and other persons whose goals are to produce imaginative, non-formulaic works dealing with pre-twentieth-century American history. Successful applicants are those whose work is for the general public rather than for academic or educational audiences. The Society's goal in sponsoring this program is to multiply and improve the ways in which an understanding of history is communicated to the American people.

Fellowship projects may include

Documentary films, costume designs, set designs, television programs, screenplays.

The fellowships will provide the recipients with the opportunity for a period of uninterrupted research, reading, and collegial discussion at the Society, located in Worcester, Massachusetts. At least three fellowships will be awarded for residence of four weeks at the Society at any time during the period January l through December 31.

The stipend will be $1,350 for fellows residing on campus (rent-free) in the Society's scholars' housing, located next to the main library building. The stipend will be $1,850 for fellows residing off campus. Fellows will not be paid a travel allowance.


You can submit material now, final deadline - October 5, 2011

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