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2446 University Ave. W.
Ste. 100
St. Paul, Minnesota 55114
United States

Tel: 651-644-1912
Fax: 651-644-5708

Email: llippold@ifpmn.or

Email: word@ifpmn.org

Website: www.ifpmn.org

Support Provided

Fiscal Sponsorship

Many individuals, foundations, corporations or governmental organizations restrict funding of independent projects to tax-exempt organizations. To address this situation, IFP Media Arts (an established tax-exempt public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code) has created the IFP Media Arts Fiscal Sponsorship Program.

The Fiscal Sponsorship program at IFP Media Arts has been designed to assist media artists who are members of IFP Media Arts seeking grants and/or contributions from sources requiring a federal exempt tax status, i.e., a non-profit organization status. For individual contributors, this arrangement allows for charitable contribution deductions on federal tax returns. Selected projects will be allowed to use IFP Media Arts' federal exempt tax status to individuals under the following conditions:

•Applicant must be an Individual Level Member ($85/year) of IFP Media Arts in good standing.

•Applicant must currently reside in the State of Minnesota, and establish proof of residency for the past 12 months.

•The project must be noncommercial in nature (see further explanation below).

•The individual media artist must sign a contract with IFP Media Arts which states the artist guarantees grant monies received will be used for the purpose intended; that artist will be responsible for fines, return of grant monies if the grant is rescinded or the IRS questions the accounting for the grant monies; and that artist will be responsible for any final reports and accounting to the granting agency.

•Artist agrees to credit IFP Media Arts on project being served.

Eligible project include:

a) documentary films and other works of nonfiction;

b) films produced by first-time filmmakers (or students).

c) fiction works with proposed budgets not exceeding Tier 1 of IATSE's National Agreement currently $3.6M.

Please check the IFP  Minnesota website for further details.


IFP Minnesota Fiscal Sponsorship: Rolling

McKnight Screenwriting Fellowship: February 1, 2011

McKnight Filmmaking Fellowship: March 1, 2011

Fresh Filmmakers Production Grant:  September 12th, 2011

MNTV: June 16th, 2011 

Additional Programs:

McKnight Screenwriting Fellowship

The McKnight Artists Fellowships for Screenwriters has grown to be the most prestigious screenwriting competition in the Upper Midwest, with one of the largest cash awards offered in national screenwriting competitions.  Administered by IFP Minnesota for 13 years, the monies awarded recognize and support mid-career Minnesota screenwriters who have excelled in the artistic discipline of writing for cinema. Each applicant submits one narrative feature screenplay, which is judged by professional screenwriters, directors, producers, development executives, and literary agents/managers outside Minnesota. Each of the two winning Fellows will receive a $25,000 cash award for excellence in the art of screenwriting.


McKnight Filmmaking Fellowship


IFP Minnesota and The McKnight Foundation award two $25,000 fellowships to mid-career Minnesota filmmakers each year. The Fellows are selected by a panel of jurors who are film artists and professionals from outside Minnesota. Jurors look for consistent artistic excellence and merit, clarity and uniqueness of vision, professional quality in the technical aspects of production, and for demonstrable, sustained growth in the artist's career. Additionally, jurors consider the artist's ability to present his/her application for the fellowship in an articulate and professional manner.



Fresh Filmmaker Production Grant

This grant is for emerging narrative filmmakers. The grant will facilitate the production of one short narrative film (ten minutes or less) directed by a filmmaker who has been making films for no more than five years.


The winner will receive mentorship, a $1000 stipend, and logistical support (camera, lights, edit facilities, etc.) necessary to direct and produce a short narrative film. Production mentors will work in tandem with the grant recipient to manage the project. See HOW IT WORKS below for the details.



The goal of MNTV is to provide a television broadcast venue for short-form film and video makers and to nurture an audience for their work. The MNTV program often represents the first time local filmmakers are compensated financially for the projects they produce and direct. Licensing fees of $500 are paid to the filmmakers for the broadcasts on TPT.




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