Frameline Film & Video

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145 Ninth St.
Ste. 300
San Francisco, California 94103
United States

Tel: 415-703-8650
Fax: 415-861-1404

Support Provided

Throughout its thirty-year history, Frameline has consistently supported LGBT filmmakers through grants, awards and programs. In a world dominated by formulaic and oversimplified images in commercial media, independent LGBT film is a vital and necessary alternative.

Maverick queer filmmakers reflect the diversity of our communities and ask the questions central to our lives. Filmmaking is a very expensive art form, yet the resources available to LGBT filmmakers are highly limited. Unlike studio filmmakers, independent artists struggle to secure the funding needed to complete works and support future projects. Frameline’s Filmmaker Support Program seeks to provide grants, awards and training to ensure that new LGBT films make it to the screen—and to eagerly awaiting audiences. Our programs include:

The Frameline Completion Fund
Since 1990, nearly 100 films and videos have been completed with assistance from the Frameline Completion Fund. Awards are made annually and provide much needed support to filmmakers. Over $220,000 in grants have been awarded to LGBT filmmakers.

The San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival Awards
Since 1984, our festival audience has been responsible for selecting the Best Feature Film, Best Documentary Film and Best Short Film of the Festival. Each award has a $2,500 cash award attached.


Please check the website for new 2011 deadline.

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