Dynamo Capital

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Calle 80
Ste. 8-44

Bogota, Colombia

Tel: 571-345-3421
Email: capital@dynamocapital.net
Email: info@dynamocapital.net
Website: www.dynamocapital.net

Support Provided

FCPCHI is a Private Equity Fund based in Colombia and focused on investing in Latin American films. The Fund’s focus is to invest its resources in film projects with commercial potential in Latin America, Spain and Latin US.

Each submitted project is analyzed by dynamo Capital S.A., the Fund’s management company. Dynamo applies a very strict project evaluation process including budgetary, structural, commercial and risk analysis. The evaluation includes analyses by dynamo’s multidisciplinary executive team and by an external advisory team including respected members from the international film community.

Once the evaluation process is completed, and if the project is approved for investment, dynamo’s team will apply its experience and resources to the structuring, closing and supervising of the transaction with total focus on protecting investors’ interests, minimizing risk, and retaining a high profitability potential.



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