Delaware Humanities Forum

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100 W. 10th St.
Ste. 1009
Wilmington, Delaware 19801
United States

Tel: 302-657-0650
Tel: 800-752-2060
Fax: 302-657-0655

Support Provided

The Delaware Humanities Forum provides financial support for public humanities programs through its Grant Programs. Public programs that are sponsored by non-profit organizations in Delaware are eligible for funding. Institutions that are eligible to apply to the DHF for grant funding include: colleges and universities, libraries, historical societies, museums, educational television and radio stations, research institutes, professional associations, agencies of state and local government, labor unions, and other community and service organizations.


Grant recipients may use any presentation format to stage their programs—provided the program promises to bring the humanities to a wide public audience. Acceptable formats include, but are not limited to, lectures, conferences, radio and television broadcasts, interpretive exhibits, book and film discussions.



Feel free to contact the Forum's staff well in advance of any application deadline to discuss your project with them.


Call (302) 657-0650 ext. 14 or email Program and Grant Officer Catherine Homsey,

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