The Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County: Project Support Grant

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2400 Chanticleer Avenue, Suite G
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
United States

Tel: 831-475-9600
Fax: 831-475-9700

Support Provided

The Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County leads and advances the Arts by providing funding, advocacy, and support to artists and arts organizations.The Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County has been awarding grants to artists and arts organizations. Over $150,000 are allocated each year through a competitive peer panel scoring process. The process involved in making the critical decisions regarding the awarding of grants includes convening panels representing geographic, stylistic, cultural, and gender diversity. Panelists review all grant applications and a scoring system is applied, resulting in awarding available grants to artists, arts organizations, and specific arts projects that will benefit the community. PROJECT SUPPORT GRANT The Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County leads the community in advancing the arts in Santa Cruz County, ensuring arts opportunities for all by providing programs and services that support artists, strengthen arts organizations, promote arts education in schools, and encourage artistic creativity and diversity. The purpose of Project Support Grants is to help support artistically excellent and culturally significant arts projects in Santa Cruz County that have clear benefit to, and involvement of, the general public. Grant applicants must apply for no less than $1,000 and no more than $3,000. Award amounts and disbursements depend on availability of funding. The Cultural Council Grants Committee may, at its discretion, place limits on the amount it will award in any grant category. Grants for $1,000 will be paid in full. Grants exceeding $1,000 will be paid in two installments: first installment of 70% one month before the projects date and upon receipt of first invoice. Second installment of 30% is paid after the project completion and upon receipt of second invoice and completed final report.


December 31st

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