The Latino Lens: Producers Pipeline Incubator will train and expose individuals to the motion picture & television business divisions, and provide opportunities to accelerate their careers. 

With the Latinx community’s spending power growing towards $2 trillion and an audience reflecting nearly 20% of the box office and 58.9 million of the U.S. population, the industry must include Latinx in the conversation as it relates to the financial growth and future of this business. With the growing economic power of the Latinx community, this incubator will also integrate forecasting in the technology sectors and platforms transforming the creation and distribution of content.


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Program Description:

During this program, NALIP will focus on identifying 8-12 qualified candidates and create opportunity and access for producers to become studio feature film Producers and episodic Executive Producers. During the first 8-weeks of the training curriculum, current assistants, coordinators, and manager-level professionals will receive training, insights, and mentorship from directors, heads of departments, VPs, and President-level executives. Following the training curriculum, The Walt Disney Company and its producing partners, Amblin Partners, and STARZ. Over the course of six months, the selected fellows will be trained and exposed individuals to the motion picture & television business divisions, providing opportunities to accelerate fresh inclusive perspectives. The candidates will be paired with partner producers to develop, pinpoint and contribute to the production of projects and IP.


Program Goals: 

The program aims to cultivate, develop, and fortify the capabilities of executive producers through active, hands-on learning. Program participants will gain insight from industry professionals and mentors who can speak to the value of pursuing, developing, and ultimately overseeing the success of a slate of projects and Intellectual Property.




The Producers Pipeline Incubator Program is an 8-week curriculum incubator program. There will be a possibility for a 6-month fellowship with a production company, studio, or buyer, following the 8-week curriculum. The first cohort proceeds as follows:


  • 8-Week Training Curriculum - 8-week Curriculum program begins with hands-on development training with NALIP; NALIP will work with The Walt Disney Company, the Motion Picture Association, Amblin Partners, and STARZ to ensure that a Producer with an overall deal will be a guest speaker each of the 8 weeks


  • Fellowship Interview - The 8-week curriculum program commences; partners will be involved during the curriculum by hosting sessions and introductions to the participants prior to the matchmaking for the subsequent fellowship program. The Walt Disney Company and its producing partners, Amblin Partners, and STARZ will select and onboard finalists


  • 6-Month Fellowship - The finalist participates in a 6-month long fellowship with an executive producer in TV or Film at the partner studio or production company. The partners will be invited to meet the finalists prior to selecting who they would like to move forward with. It will be at the discretion of the partner studio or production company to decide if they onboard the finalist for the 6-month fellowship.


*Fellowship portion of the program is not guaranteed. It is at the discretion of the partner studio or production company to decide if they onboard the finalists for the fellowship.


Topics to be covered include: 

  • Development deals 
  • Case Studies 
  • Production
  • Negotiating tactics 
  • Business tactics 
  • Scheduling & Budgeting 
  • Shadowing 
  • Forecasting & Data Analysis 
  • State of the Industry 
  • Production incentives
  • Creative Producing
  • Story Development
  • Pitching + Visual Presentation
  • Packaging with and without major studios
  • Keeping up with Industry Trends
  • Financing

*Topics & guest speakers are subject to change.




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