Prodigal Daughter

Project Synopsis:

Prodigal Daughter follows undocumented filmmaker Mabel Valdiviezo on her journey to reconcile with the family she hasn’t spoken to since she left Peru in the 1990s.

Now in her forties, Mabel finally obtains her citizenship papers and returns home hoping to be embraced by her family, and overcome her resentment against her parents. When Mabel is compelled to reveal the truth about her childhood trauma that led her to a destructive life of sex, alcohol and drugs, her parents reject her.  Feeling hurt and abandoned, Mabel returns home to San Francisco where soon she is diagnosed with advanced cancer and given six months to live. With time no longer her ally; will Mabel make peace with her family and gain redemption before it is too late? Prodigal Daughter has the ability to humanize and personalize the lives of the so-called ‘undocumented.’ Americans too often forget that, exclusive of indigenous Native Americans, this is an entire nation of immigrants. Our goal is to bring out a transformative and healing story from and for the prodigal daughters and sons of global immigrant diasporas and the families they left behind.