Past LMM Fellows Successes

Some of our past LMM Fellows success include:

  • Lillian Jimenez, an LPA Fellow whose documentary Antonia Pantoja: ┬íPresente! had LMM meetings that led to a distribution contract with Women Make Movies. Since then, Lillian's film premiered on PBS as part of LPB's "Voces" series last fall. It also screened at the New York International Latino Film Festival.
  • El General, Natalia Almada's award-winning documentary, participated in the Latino Media Market and met with such companies as POV/American Documentary, where it was broadcast in 2010, after its 2009 Sundance Film Festival premiere.
  • "Latin Lover," a nonscripted television series concept by LPA Fellows Santiago Tapia and Jessica Curtright, won the $2500 grant from SiTV, and was offered an option/development deal. Santiago and Jessica describe the experience as an "awesome opportunity that opened many doors to executives and agents!"

The program is a unique place to find Latino/a talent, and a great stepping stone for participating filmmakers as they advance their projects and careers.

Any questions? Please call the Latino Media Market Coordinator at 310.470.1061.

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