Pantelion Renews Deal with Eugenio Derbez' 3Pas Studios


Photo Courtesy of Pantelion Films

The Lionsgate Entertainment and Grupo Televisa joint venture, Pantelion Films, has renewed its first-look deal with Eugenio Derbez and producing partner Benjamin Odell’s company 3Pas Studios. Derbez has had massive success in the U.S box office for both his movies ‘How to be a Latin Lover’ and ‘Instructions Not Included,’ needless to say the studios recognized the accomplishment.

‘Instructions Not Included,’ was a successful movie for Derbez, making it the highest-grossing Spanish-language film ever released in the United States ($44 million) and the highest-grossing Mexican film in Mexico ($48 Million). The second Pantelion Film partnership with Derbez, ‘How to be a Latin Lover,’ did amazing in the first week of release bringing in 12 million dollars on just 1,118 screens.

The U.S Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer, has been a long time advocate for Pantelion Films’ initiatives, which is why this deal renewal reflects his commitment to Hispanic audiences in the United States.

Be on the lookout for 3Pas Studios upcoming films ‘Overboard,’ ‘The Valet,’ ‘La Familia Peluche,’ and ‘Miss Granny,’ which are all in the making.  

We are thrilled to see companies not only incorporate Latino characters into their films, but overall create diversity in the entertainment industry. We are eager to see the upcoming movies Pantelion Films, 3Pas Studios and Lionsgate-Televisa will release. We hope to continue to show them the potential Latino films have in the industry.

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