Tyler Perry Studios President Ozzie Areu Leaves To Launch First U.S. Latino-Owned Film And TV Studio

Posted by on January 26, 2018

 Image courtesy by Forbes

“I look forward to following in the steps of Tyler, my mentor, by owning a studio that also creates content and I’m especially inspired to build a 360° world that supports minority storytellers, creators and innovators.”-Ozzie Areu

Cuban-American, Ozzie Areu along with his brother, Will have big plans after leaving Terry Perry Studio’s to launch the first U.S. Latino-Owned Film and TV Studio, Areu Bros. The two brothers have made history becoming the first Latinos to own and operate a major film and television studio in the United States.

Advocacy groups such as National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, the National Hispanic Media Coalition and NALIP have pushed for #Latino representation and this new Areu studio is a step further to improve diverse representation on and behind the camera.

The new studio will open opportunities for Latinx creators and is a step to the right direction. Read more at Forbes.