One Day at a Time Premieres on Netflix

Posted by on January 18, 2017

 Netflix’s reboot of “One Day at a Time” does a refreshingly realistic take on a Cuban-American family. The show, which was released last weekend, consists of an all-Latino cast and has showrunners Gloria Calderón-Kellett and Mike Royce ensuring that the on-screen family stays true to its story. In an interview with E! News, Calderón-Kellett and actress Justina Machado (who plays Penelope) discuss why they are happy with the timing of the show’s release.


“It just seems like in this moment Latinos are in the news in ways we don’t necessarily want to be in the news. So, to be able to talk about a real, authentic American family that happens to be Latino, in a time where we are being discussed in ways we don’t love and set the record straight feels very much like the right time,” Calderón-Kellett said.

Throughout the first season, “One Day at a Time” tackles issues many Americans face today such as veteran’s rights, immigration, sexuality and sexism. While these are issues other shows are talking about, none have shown the real impact of these issues on a Latino family. When dealing with a sexuality issue on the show, Calderón-Kellett and Royce made sure to craft individual and separate reactions for each of the family members that reflect how a real Latino family would react to someone coming out.


NALIP was present with ThinkLatino at the Sony lot screening of “One Day at a Time” where Norman Lear, Gloria Calderón-Kellett, Mike Royce, Justina Machado and Rita Moreno joined the audience for a Q&A. The sitcom is shot in multi-camera style, and incorporates details about Latinos that give it an authentic feel. The main focus of the show is about family, and the characters’ heart and warmth shine throughout the season.

While “One Day at a Time” is a reboot, it represents the Latino family and values in a new fashion. Just as Machado said in her interview with E! News, “It’s always great to put a Latin family out there, the way we want to be out there.” Justina Machado, Gloria Calderón-Kellett and Rita Moreno were also present at NALIP’s 2016 Media Summit and spoke about the importance of supporting Latino content and building a strong community.

Make sure to watch “One Day at a Time” on Netflix.