NALIPster Juan Martinez Vera Wins DGA Student Film Award

NALIPster Juan Martinez Vera Wins DGA Student Film Award

Posted by NALIP on November 10, 2016



Congratulations to NALIPster Juan Martinez Vera whose film, ‘SPARK’, won the 22nd Annual DGA Student Film Award in the Latino Category. 'SPARK' was part of the official selection and screened during the NALIP's Media Summit back in June. The short film, is inspired by the violence in Venezuela following a teen who seeks for his father in the midst of protests.

SPARK is an incredible film directed by Juan Martinez Vera, a student at the University of Southern California. Every year the DGA chooses a selected few of outstanding student films from different universities to highlight minority & women creators. 'SPARK' is a film inspired by the student protest that shook Venezuela in 2014 starring, Oscar, a 19-year-old Venezuelan student.

In the film, Oscar along with his mother and friend create a bluetooth based software called SPARK to create a campaign which pressures the government to find Oscar.

For more information on SPARK and to view trailer visit:


NALIPsters Participate in the 2016 Latino Scene Showcase

NALIPsters Participate in the 2016 Latino Scene Showcase

Posted by NALIP on November 10, 2016


NALIPster Sabrina Almeida, one of the Latino Lens: US Hispanic Drama Series Incubator finalists along with fellow NALIPster Maria Escobedo, and a great cast of Latino actors are part of the 2016 Latino Scene Showcase presented by the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) and the Los Angeles Theater Center.  The showcase highlights seven scenes written by NHMC Writers Program alumni and performed by Latino actors.

Sabrina Almeida hails from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. She has a BS from MIT and an MFA from USC. She has a wealth of experiences that inform her scripts, from working as a systems engineer on the Cassini spacecraft, to driving off a cliff. Sabrina writes serialized, character-driven dramas with strong, logic-based procedural elements. She recently attended the Latino Lens Fest & Showcase, where Televisa and Univision announced her as one of the four finalists for the Latino Lens: US Hispanic Drama Series Incubator.

Latino Lens Fest & Showcase Highlights!

Latino Lens Fest & Showcase Highlights!

Posted by NALIP on November 04, 2016


The Latino Lens Festival & Showcase 2016 presented by NBCUniversal, took place Sunday, October 30 at the Avalon Hollywood. Thank you all for the support, it was an honor to host the second annual Festival and Showcase!  Let’s take a look at the highlights of a successful, energized and inspiring evening!


Emerging Content Creators Workshop
The Emerging Content Creators Workshop was a success it featured an amazing panel including Gina Reyes ( Fox Entertainment Group), DMA (Planet DMA), Linda Mendoza (NBC/Netflix), and Mauricio Mota (Wise Entertainment). This workshop brought up and coming content creators together with entertainment industry professionals to discuss what emerging latino visionaries need to succeed in their craft and the industry.


The Showrunners’ Master Class
The series of sessions began with an invigorating conversation between Danielle Sanchez-Witzel (The Carmichael Show, NBC) and BenjaminLobato (Queen of the South, USA Network). The two engaged in a discussion and detailed what it takes to become a successful showrunner and show writer, developing the creative vision of a show, securing a show's ratings and seasonal progression and the increasing impact of diverse voices in television. They gave insight and personal anecdotes, from their experience working in the industry.


The Producers’ Master Class
The Producers’ Master Class really resonated with the audience and hit it out of the park with the lineup of top producers in the industry. NALIP teamed up with Mr. Mike Medavoy (Phoenix Pictures), Sergio Aguero (Campanario), David Friendly (V.P. of Motion Pictures, PGA)  and moderator Jairo Alvarado (Circle of Confusion) to educate and equip our members with the right tools to produce content and navigate this industry. With hit films and series under their belts such as “Little Miss Sunshine”, “Raging Bull” and “Y Tu Mama Tambien” it is no surprise they captivated the audience with their insight, lessons learned and advice.



The Short Films Presentation

NALIP was honored to have the fellows of the Latino Lens Short Narrative Incubator present the Directors of the shorts featured during the Showcase. The four shorts, ‘Mosca’ by Lizette Barrera, ‘Toyed’ by Jokes Yanes, ‘Disco Inferno’ by Alice Waddington and ‘Blast Beat’ by Esteban Arango were highly praised and received incredible responses by the audience. Congratulation again to the filmmakers!


NALIP Announced the Winners for Best Latinx and Latin American Films

Thank you to all of the NALIP members who made their vote count! The winner for Best Latinx film went to ‘Don’t Breathe’ by Director Fede Alvarez. Rodo Sayagues co-writer and co-producer of the film was present to receive the award and gave a great speech.



Pablo Larraín Latino Lens Award Recipient

The big winner of the night was the acclaimed Director Pablo Larraín, who picked up the award for Best Latin American Film for ‘Neruda’ and received NALIP’s Latino Lens Award for Best Director. It was an incredible moment for NALIP and Latino content creators present to see such a talented director receive the acknowledgement for his hard work and dedication. It solidified the work of Latino artists everywhere and inspires new generations to lead in the industry.


The night concluded with a live performance by Cunyá during the industry mixer. They were introduced by the lively and humorous Chonga Girls. The band spread the passionate and infectious afro-caribbean rhythm of plena and bomba all across Hollywood! It was a night of culture, art, community and celebration.


NALIP wants to send a special thank you to our sponsors and supporters who made the night a success! 


Want to Sponsor the Diverse Women in Media Forum?

Want to Sponsor the Diverse Women in Media Forum?

Posted by NALIP on November 04, 2016


NALIP’s Diverse Women in Media Forum seeks to empower, inspire and advance women of diverse backgrounds to influential positions in media to improve diverse representation on and behind the camera.

Taking place in December, the forum will feature invigorating conversation sessions, mentorship meetings, networking session culminating with an achievement award presentation and an evening of cocktails and h'orderves for women in the industry to mingle with their colleagues and share experiences.



As a sponsor of the Diverse Women in Media Forum your brand will receive maximum exposure with prominent brand visibility across the board.

Including NALIP’s digital platforms, social media properties and print material. You will also have the opportunity to intimately network with corporate and industry executives, celebrities and members of NALIP.

Interested? Contact DWIMF Coordinators:

[email protected] and/or [email protected]

By supporting NALIP you are demonstrating your company’s commitment to diversity in media. 

For more information visit:



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AFI Fest Set to Start!

AFI Fest Set to Start!

Posted by NALIP · November 04, 2016


NALIP is proud to partner up with AFI and promote AFI FEST presented by Audi. AFI Fest takes place November 10-17 at the Dolby Theatre, TCL Chinese 6 Theatres, the Egyptian Theatre and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. 

A program of the American Film Institute, AFI FEST presented by Audi is a celebration of global cinema and today’s Hollywood, an opportunity for master filmmakers and emerging artists to come together with audiences in the movie capital of the world. AFI FEST is the only festival of its stature that is free to the public. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognizes AFI FEST as a qualifying festival for both Short Film categories for the annual Academy Awards®.

NALIP is excited host a slate of incredible films at AFI Fest:

NALIP is proud to partner up with AFI and promote AFI FEST presented by Audi. AFI Fest takes place November 10-17 at the Dolby Theatre, TCL Chinese 6 Theatres, the Egyptian Theatre and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. 

A program of the American Film Institute, AFI FEST presented by Audi is a celebration of global cinema and today’s Hollywood, an opportunity for master filmmakers and emerging artists to come together with audiences in the movie capital of the world. AFI FEST is the only festival of its stature that is free to the public. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognizes AFI FEST as a qualifying festival for both Short Film categories for the annual Academy Awards®.

NALIP is excited host a slate of incredible films at AFI Fest:



Director: Felipe Guerrero
Screenwriter: Felipe Guerrero
Producer: Felipe Guerrero, Gema Juárez Allen
Executive Producer: Gema Juárez Allen
Director of Photography: Fernando Lockett
Editor: Eliane D. Katz
Production Designer: Marcela Gómez
Cast: Marleyda Soto, Jocelyn Meneses, Luisa Vides, Verónica Carvajel, Josué Quiñones, Pedro Suárez, Lorena Vides
Colombia, 2016
106 min.
New Auteurs Section

This gorgeously shot narrative debut follows three Colombian women who are all brutally affected by the country’s armed conflict.

Gorgeously shot and paced with patient rigor, feature debut director Felipe Guerrero’s OSCURO ANIMAL follows three Colombian women who are all brutally affected by the country’s armed conflict. Rocio returns from a routine laundry trip to find her small village gutted; homeless, she travels to Bogotá (but not without more violence en route) and finds some solace when she strikes up a friendship with a young city girl. La Mona also finds herself heading to the city, after bravely freeing herself of the abusive paramilitary who has impregnated her. Nelsa, herself a paramilitary, is similarly at the lustful mercy of her fellow male soldiers; she too departs for Bogotá. Practically dialogue free and haunted by the painful silences of loss and trauma, this startling vision imagines women who have experienced the unimaginable, and yet still take their fates in hand, heading to a shared destination. — Beth Hanna

Film Guide:
Film Image(s):

Director: Amat Escalante
Screenwriter: Amat Escalante, Gibrán Portela
Producer: Jaime Romandía, Fernanda de la Peza, Amat Escalante
Executive Producer: Nicolás Celis, Thomas Gammeltoft
Director of Photography: Manuel Alberto Claro
Editor: Fernanda de la Peza, Jacob Secher Schulsinger
Production Designer: Daniela Schneider
Music: Guro Moe, Lasse Marhaug, Martín Escalante
Cast: Ruth Ramos, Simone Bucio, Jesús Meza, Eden Villavicencio, Andrea Peláez, Oscar Escalante, Bernarda Trueba

Mexico l Denmark l France l Germany l Norway l Switzerland, 2016
100 min.
World Cinema Section

The lives of a young mother, and her husband and brother are thrown into upheaval with the arrival of a mysterious woman who shows them how to access the most intense pleasure they’ve ever known.

Alejandra is a young mother who works at a factory and takes care of her two boys. Her husband Angel spends nights away from home, involved in an extramarital affair and neglecting his wife’s sexual needs. Her brother, Fabian, is a nurse at the local hospital who is involved in an unhealthy relationship with a married man. When the mysterious Veronica shows up wounded at the hospital, all of these characters’ provincial lives are thrown into upheaval as she shows them something that allows them to experience pleasure purely and more intensely than they have ever known. In many ways a spiritual sequel to Andrzej Zulawski’s POSSESSION (1981), director/writer and AFI FEST alum Amat Escalante explores the notion that our base instincts, sexual wants and desires often conflict with values and taboos ingrained in us as a society. The film brilliantly uses fantasy elements to explore what would happen if something allowed us to access pure sexual gratification. — Jenn Murphy

Film Guide:
Film Image(s):

Don't miss the opportunity to watch these and all of the films to be showcased at the AFI Fest. Tickets available now!

Connect with AFI FEST at (@AFIFEST), (@americanfilminstitute) and

Professional Workshop at UC Berkeley

Professional Workshop at UC Berkeley

Posted by NALIP · November 04, 2016

 ProfessionalworkshopImage.jpgThe IRP is offering intensive training for filmmakers seeking to sharpen their reporting and storytelling skills, bulletproof their stories and break new ground. The workshop includes one-on-one coaching, as well as ongoing consultation on individual projects for up to a year.

Who should attend: Independent filmmakers and journalists with multiplatform projects that include a documentary film. Women, minorities and those from underrepresented communities are encouraged to apply.

Instructors: Veteran producers and reporters from the IRP and elsewhere, including IRP Director Lowell Bergman; Gary Bostwick, media attorney; and Dawn Porter, award-winning documentary filmmaker; and Kerry Smith, senior vice president of editorial quality at ABC.

Tuition: $1200. Includes course material and some meals. Does not include transportation and lodging. (Full and partial scholarships are available.)

Generous support provided by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation 

For more information visit:

Televisa and Univision Announced Incubator Finalists at the Latino Lens Fest & Showcase!

Televisa and Univision Announced Incubator Finalists at the Latino Lens Fest & Showcase!

Posted by NALIP · November 04, 2016


Televisa’s Director of Innovation Department Rosy Ocampo, announced the four finalist for the Latino Lens: U.S. Hispanic Drama Series Incubator: Sabrina Almeida, Yelina de Leon, Juan Martinez Vera and Pili Valdez. As a partnership between NALIP, Televisa and Univision, the incubator aims to develop fresh, innovative and creative content to be delivered on multiple platforms. Furthermore, with additional Televisa and Univision mentorship, one of the stories generated by the four finalist could potentially be developed as a series and generate over 85 hours of content.

Announced at NALIP’s Latino Lens Festival and Showcase which took place last Sunday, October 30 at the Avalon Hollywood.
NALIP Latino Lens Showcase: Director Pablo Larraín to Accept Best Latin American Film for NERUDA and Filmmaker of the Year Award.

NALIP Latino Lens Showcase: Director Pablo Larraín to Accept Best Latin American Film for NERUDA and Filmmaker of the Year Award.

Posted by NALIP · October 27, 2016



Director Pablo Larraín to Accept Best Latin American Film for NERUDA and Filmmaker of the Year Award. 



HOLLYWOOD, CA (October 17, 2016) The 2016 Latino Lens Festival and Showcase (, presented by NALIP and sponsored by NBCUniversal, to present awards to best Latin American work by Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín for his film NERUDA, starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Luis Gnecco, and Chile’s official Academy Award® selection for Best Foreign Language film, as well as best LatinX work by filmmaker Fede Alvarez for Don’t Breathe. Larraín also directed the upcoming biopic Jackie. The awardees were selected from a nomination tier panel of experts and the winners were voted by the NALIP membership of Latino creators and producers. Additionally the Latino Lens Festival and Showcase will screen selected Latino led short films and will present industry expert-led MasterClasses and Workshops. The event will take place on Sunday, October 30th, 2016 at the Avalon Hollywood. NALIP's second annual showcase event that aims to display a wide range of voices and narratives that are crafted by Latino content creators, in a continued effort to advance the exposure and accessibility of Latino-crafted cinema, television and new media art forms...


Latino Lens Fest program available NOW on NALIP App

Latino Lens Fest program available NOW on NALIP App

Posted by NALIP · October 21, 2016


App available on Apple iOS and Google Android

Get the NALIP Events app and take all your 2016 Latino Lens Festival & Showcase information on the go. The app has everything you need to know about our event and is designed to enhance your experience at the Fest & Showcase. It’s super easy to use! Below are some tips to get you started.

1. Make a Profile

Making a profile allows you to make a schedule and game plan for the event, as well as see who else is attending! It’s a great way to ensure you don’t miss any sessions and be on the lookout for familiar faces during all the commotion and excitement.

Once you open the app, click on “Latino Lens Showcase”. From there, select the hamburger menu at the top left hand corner and press “Login” at the very top. Fill out all your information and select “Submit.” You’ll get a notification saying an email is being sent to create a password, don’t worry too much about it (it’s optional!). 


2. Explore

 Now that your profile is set up you can check everything out. The hamburger menu features sessions, speakers, exhibitors and venue map. Make sure to get familiar with the information and email [email protected] for any questions.  


3. Schedule Your Day

We are presenting master classes, screenings and interactive booths, make sure to strategize and be efficient with your time! We recommend going through the event and adding your favorites to your in-app schedule or personal calendar, both options are listed at the top of each session.


4. Edit Your NALIP Business Card 

Afraid you’ll run out of business cards at the event? We have you covered! Under the hamburger menu, click “Contacts” then “My Card” and customize yours! Now you can exchange digital business cards with other attendees, just press the plus sign on the top right corner.

You're all set! Check back on the app during the 2016 Latino Lens Fest & Showcase for pictures, videos, and social media updates. We’ll see you at the Avalon Hollywood NALIPsters!


NALIP Events app is available on Apple iOS and Google Android. For more information, go to LatinoLensFest&showcase.




Get to Know the Short Film Directors Selected for The Latino Lens Festival & Showcase

Get to Know the Short Film Directors Selected for The Latino Lens Festival & Showcase

Posted by NALIP · October 19, 2016


Last week NALIP announced the short films that will be screened at this year’s Latino Lens Festival and Showcase on October 30th at the Avalon Hollywood. This week we bring you a closer look into the minds of directors, Lizette Barrera 'MOSCA', Esteban Arango 'BLAST BEAT' and Jorge “Jokes” Yanes 'TOYED', in an exclusive interview. We asked these content creators about their short films and the obstacles attached to being a short film director, the importance of organizations like NALIP and what the future holds.

NALIP: What did you hope to accomplish with this short? Why this movie? Why now?

Lizette Barrera (LB): “In MOSCA, I try to tell a complex and nonjudgmental story of Kari, who is a teenager trying to figure out her sexuality...What’s important about MOSCA is that is blends the usage of (mainly) English and Spanish. It depicts acculturated [email protected] in Texas. The film crew also consisted a majority of people of color and LGBT individuals. So why this movie? Not only is it personal for me, but as to everyone who worked on the film. MOSCA is a way for us to identify with others stuck in ‘The Borderlands’ and give ourselves a way to make our voices heard.”

Esteban Arango (EA): “With BLAST BEAT I wanted to capture the feelings of a generation that I haven’t seen on screen in an entertaining, hollywood-style narrative. The feelings of a generation of immigrants who stand on a blurry line of identity as Americans and Latinos.”

Jorge “Jokes” Yanes (JY): “It became my mission to bring it [TOYED] to the screen when one day, when I was moving from one home to another, I found the original story tucked in an old binder. From that point on my writing partner J.Bishop and I have been relentless to bring this story about a group of underdog kid artists fighting to be recognized, while being lumped in with the gang culture of the early 90’s.”



Lizette Barrera director of 'MOSCA'

NALIP: What are some challenges you’ve faced?

LB: “Being a Latina and – young – woman, I’ve always had to push harder for people to believe in my work, especially when my work deals with Latinx families and don’t carry the ‘stereotypical’ facade.”

EA: “I uprooted my whole life in Miami to relocate to LA last year in pursuit of my dream of making films. I knew it had to start with my short BLAST BEAT. We faced so many challenges to get that production together, all while adapting to a new environment in a new city. It was humbling from the beginning, doing the Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds, getting the attention of our actors to come and join our project, and shooting in LA, which can get so expensive, fast!”

JY: “I grew up in a turbulent time when nobody I knew ever made it out my neighborhood.  It took a lot of will and some really great influences to break out of that mold. But specifically for the film the biggest obstacles we faced were finding locations that still had that 90’s feel, and casting the great kid actors with a very limited amount of time. Besides that we faced the mountain of obstacles that comes with every production and made it to the other side with something we are proud of.”



Esteban Arango director of 'BLAST BEAT'

NALIP: What are some of the challenges shorts filmmakers face these days in general?

LB: “Noticeability. Accessibility has gotten easier for short filmmakers, but finding distribution deals, credibility, and/or financing is tough.”

EA: “As a diverse filmmaker I feel lucky to be working during a time where finally the space has opened up for our stories. With that opportunity comes the challenge of creating work that is compelling, fresh, and that keeps pushing the boundaries of what is possible in filmmaking. If filmmakers are able to do this today, then more opportunities will come up.”

JY: “I think shorts are challenging because it is rarely a commercial endeavor so it requires a gathering of like-minded individuals to pool their limited resources and create. Although I do believe it is an incredible time to be a filmmaker. Today, you can make shorts that can actually capture an audience outside of just festivals. So testing the waters with a story and characters is easier than ever, but the financing is going to be skin in the game.”



Jorge "Jokes" Yanes director of 'TOYED'

NALIP: Why do you think organizations like NALIP are important?

LB: “Organizations like NALIP are extremely imperative for Latinx filmmakers to get their voices heard and get their work shown.  We need these hubs to have as a support system, build alliances with one another, and become a familia, especially when we live in a world that generally doesn’t support voices from people of color.”

EA: “Organizations like NALIP are instrumental, I would say essential, for the industry because they safeguard upcoming talent and give them valuable exposure. But also because they unite a community of like-minded creators to keep pushing our message out as Latinos at the forefront of the new wave of multicultural cinema.”

JY: “They are important because they highlight voices that need to be shared and as Latinos in America we have an important voice. People should have access to them. NALIP is one of the few organizations that is listening and going to bat for us Latino’s, and every year it’s track record speaks for itself.”

NALIP: Where do you see yourself in five years?

LB: “I see myself having made my first feature, MOSCA. I would like to be working in the Casting Department to help change the game plan as well as making documentaries that urge for justice/reflection to individuals. I also hope to be a lecturer at a university to help minorities in film.”

EA: “I’d like to be creatively active, directing films and television. On a personal level, I could see myself as a dad… But I don’t know, that’s a scary thought right now.”

JY: “In five years I hope to be consistently delivering new and unique creative content filled with integrity on various platforms, from series to theatrical features, and raising a family as well as being a positive force in my community.”

Join us for a chance to meet and hear more from these short film directors, and other creators, at the Latino Lens Festival and Showcase on Oct. 30th at the Avalon Hollywood.