Next American Media Makers: Seeking Instructors



The Next American Media Makers is an organization that provides training and experience to future digital content storytellers. They help those young storytellers to find success in high educations and careers producing digital content for news, business, government or community advocacy. 

The Next American Media Makers is launching a series of workshops through partnerships with community-based organizations, school districts, colleges and universities in early 2018. They are seeking dynamic, motivated and diverse candidates for several part-time positions. 

Positions Available: 

Workshop Instructor: 

Instructor will utilize the Next American Media Makers Curriculum to lead a cohort of 12-15 students through 12 week workshops that meed anywhere from 6-14 hours per week. Some workshops include a full-day "Production Lab" where students will practice skills learned in the classroom involving digital photography, digital video production and other digital content formats


Qualifications: At least 6 years of professional experience with photography and/or video production particular with short-form production. Should be knowledgeable of current digital content production methods and strategies. Must provide access to a body of work that demonstrates their proficiency. 


Assistant Instructor: 

Assistant Instructors will provide the Workshop Instructor with support in the classroom by working with individual student Production Teams providing direct supervision in the classroom in the Production Lab. 

The Assistant Instructor may periodically fill in for the Workshop Instructor. 

Qualifications: At least 3 years of professional experience with photography and/or video production particular with short-form production. Should be knowledgeable of current digital content production methods and strategies. Must provide a body of work that demonstrates their proficiency. 


Instructor's Assistant: 

The Instructor's Assistant will provide classroom and production support for our workshops. That includes ensuring all the right equipment is ready for students, maintaining the equipment during the duration of the workshop, providing technical support to individual Production Teams during our Production Lab and providing any other support the Instructor and Assistant Instructor may require to ensure an effective workshop experience for our students. 

Qualifications: Should have some production experience, however technical proficiency is not required. This is the perfect job for college graduates who studied digital production but who have not had the opportunity to enter the production workforce. 


Technical Mentors: 

These positions are available on a short-term project basis is to provide students with specific technical assistant during one of our workshops. These Technical Mentors must demonstrate professional proficiency as video editors ( Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier editing software, digital photographers (photoshop or lightroom) or videographers (proficiency with DSLR or camcorder video production field set-ups). 

Mentors will support the Instructor and supplement specific Units with subject matter expertise working with students in class or during our Production Labs. These positions are perfect for candidates who are in-between projects and cannot commit to a longer workshop. 


The Next American Media Makers offers Instructors compensation that is very competitive with current production rates. 



The Next American Media Makers is compromised of successful news and media production professions who have "lived" this experience. We are reporters,producers,writers,editors,videographers and media executives. 

More importantly, we are culturally and racially representative of the students we teach and have ourselves overcome challenges to succeed in the industry. We not only understand the obstacles that must be transcended to gain access to his workforce, we have worked at a high level and enjoyed considerable national and international success. 




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