NALIPster in the New Year Highlights!

NALIP is excited to share some NALIPster highlights. We are only three weeks into the new year and already there is much in store for our members!


Ben Shalom Rodriguez

NALIPster Ben Shalom Rodriguez, a filmmaker and comedian, who has starred in his own digital series, performs all over LA both as a comedian and with his improv teams. Now, Ben is coming out with yet another great project.

Created by Jasmine Elist, Ben Rodriguez and Katey Zouck, PUSHY RIOT (premiering February 22) is a comedy chronicling the misadventures of two best friends, Jasmine and Katey, forced to move in with Jasmine’s Persian parents in Beverly Hills. The PUSHY RIOT television pilot was part of the Fox Writers Intensive last year, and we can’t wait to watch this February!

Tune in here!


Chris Valdes & Ted Griswold

NALIPsters Chris Valdes and Ted Griswold’s film, ‘Olancho’, which was pitched at the 2015 NALIP Latino Media Market, was accepted as an Official Selection at Big Sky Documentary Film Festival!

In the film, Manuel, a farmer from Olancho, Honduras, seeks fame by making music for the region’s drug cartels. When some of his song lyrics get him in trouble, Manuel must make the most difficult decision of his life: continue the quest for fame, or flee.

The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival is the premiere venue for non-fiction film in the American West. The festival hosts over 200 visiting artists, presents an average of 150 non-fiction films and offers a variety of exciting events. If you have the opportunity to go, we highly recommend it!

More information on Olancho can be found here!


Headshots_LA_hansel_smile_1.jpgHansel Ramírez

We will soon see NALIPster and talented actor Hansel Ramirez in productions by ABC, FX and Amazon. Hansel shared his audition process for the third season of ABC’s ‘American Crime’ series with us, along with news of his participation in FX’s ‘Snowfall’ where he plays "Mateo," a Nicaraguan soldier who, next to Sabryna Guevara, witnesses the birth of cocaine addiction and its radical impact on the culture we know. Hansel will play  “Tenoch” in ‘American Crime’ where his character plays an important role as he translates “Nahuatl and Spanish” for the others.


“ was a difficult audition process, and even being able to audition was a process in itself, but thanks to the different NALIP events i’ve attended I was able to connect with the right people involved…”

-Hansel Ramirez

Hansel’s hardwork and dedication is paying off in Hollywood and NALIP is proud to support his work.

The new season of American Crime premieres Sunday, March 12 10/9c on ABC.

The FX series ‘Snowfall’ is set to premiere in 2017 so stay tuned.

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