NALIP @ SXSW: Latino Content Creation Goes Digital

NALIP Presents: Currently Latinos are the fastest adopters in tech advances, in turn making us a valuable audience when it comes to consumer numbers via digital platforms. So why aren't we seeing our faces and hearing our stories? How can today's Latino talent move their project ideas into the digital age? With an industry hunger for Latino content and little outside development, how can content creators take advantage of the digital resources available within media and the communities they help shape? This will be a conversation that will enlighten the attendees on the opportunities, such as crowd funding and the steps needed to take their project from traditional to digital.

Speakers include: 

Axel Caballero, Exec Director, NALIP

Beatriz Acevedo, President, MiTú Network

Luis Patino, GM, Univision

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March 15, 2015 at 11:00am - 12pm


Austin Convention Center