NALIP's New Project First Look!



If you’ve been keeping up with NALIP on social media, you know we’ve been working on a special project with our members. We hope you stay tuned for the official launch of our new campaign, and in the meantime we want to give you a sneak-peek of what’s to come!

Through the past 18 years, NALIP has evolved as a leader in the promotion and advancement of Latino content creators across media. However, our accomplishments in changing the media landscape and seeing more images made by and about Latinos are never done alone. We are fortunate to have an extensive network of people who help us strengthen our influence in the industry through different collaborations. Whether you’re a director, writer, filmmaker or industry executive, your work with our organization has shaped what it means to #CreateWithUs.WAR.jpg

By creating together we have worked towards establishing opportunities for the underrepresented, sparking conversations about the need for inclusion and making waves in the industry.

In an attempt to put a face to NALIP, we’ve highlighted member experiences by doing what we, as creators, do best- storytelling. We asked NALIP members about their journey in the industry, the importance of inclusion and what it means to #CreateWithUs. Our members’ stories of tenacity, tribulation and triumph produced a project which showcases their powerful influence not just within the industry, but also with NALIP.  


As we move forward, we want to challenge our members and our community to push the boundaries of diversity and make moves towards the inclusion of Latinos as one within the general market.

NALIP is proud to say that after all the hard work that went into this project, the end result is incredibly moving, encouraging and most importantly- real. In the upcoming weeks, we will be sharing these stories through social media as well as our website, and we hope you’ll join us in discovering more about the pieces that help hold NALIP together and keep us moving forward. We want to thank everyone we spoke to for taking the time to collaborate with us, and we hope this project will advance the change we’re all striving for.

Make sure to keep up with us because something exciting is coming!

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  • Wise Latina
    commented 2017-03-18 09:21:55 -0700
    Why is it That "U.S . White Media local and National Networks don’t Care to Cover “Latino Americans concerns and injustices”unless it only relates to “white&Blacks”only? The level of anti-Latino agenda in U.S Media is off The Chart. In Detroit MI media only reports on “Whites&Blacks” only they ask you if "one is Latino "? If you say Yes they hang up or never follow up with the concerns. Eusebia Aquino Latino Detroit USA
  • Nancy M Eckel
    commented 2017-03-17 10:39:30 -0700
    I am deeply excited and pleased with this first step!!