NALIP Official Selection 2015


Official Selection is a unique showcase of short form content by NALIP members. Together, these works feature a variety of subjects, voices and viewpoints that attest to the rich and talented diversity of the NALIP community. The top submissions have been added to our NALIP Official Selection YouTube playlist. A winner from the selection will be announced at the Latino Media Fest on June 25th!  


A talented young accordionist Orlin Chirinos will first bring you into the dangerous world of narco music in rural Honduras, and then he will introduce you to his cousin who was forced to flee to the United States after receiving a death threat from a cartel boss. Directed and produced by Chris Valdes and Theodore Griswold


Gran'pa leaves a range of whimsical, encouraging, and aggressive voicemail messages for his unresponsive grandson in this hilarious short that features 3D modeled/printed/hand-painted miniatures. William D. Caballero- Project Director, Producer, Creator

 La Lotería de la Vida 

After being left at a Colombian hospital as a baby, american adoptee Lexi Hiland returns twenty-three years later only to discover her life was saved by a stranger she never knew existed. Created by Lexi Hiland

Fish Hook

A young man struggles with the cycle of abuse, internal conflict and a murky morality. Written and Directed by Nickolas Duarte


Lost Weekend

Martin convinces his best friend Jake to steal a car so that he can pick up a girl. Directed and Produced by Adam Valencia

Get Some!

GET SOME! is a comedy web series about a Nuyorican couple from the Bronx who go out of their way to keep their marriage sexy. Co-Creator and Director Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez


Sin City: Zorro Girl in Dead Man's Alley

Side story of Dallas aka Zorro Girl Starring Patricia Vonne of SinCity. Directed by Teresa Jolie, Produced by Janell Vela Smith 



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