NALIP Members Take Advantage of Latino Lens Workshop Series

Posted by on November 16, 2017

This past Tuesday, NALIP Members along with members from NBC’s affinity group, NBCUnidos took advantage of workshop led by writer Ligiah Villalobos “The Basics of Writing a TV Spec” open to NALIP Members.



With a room at full capacity, Ligiah Villalobos, who was previously featured in our #WeAreInclusion Campaign, shared insights on the intricacies of writing a TV spec, depending on genre and audience. With over 450 T.V. series currently on the air, aside from technique and structure, the workshop included tips to break through as a staff writer, shows to write specs for, and what to steer clear of.

Ligiah, teaches at Cal State University, Los Angeles and currently developing two TV series ideas herself, has worked as a studio executive, working at the Walt Disney Company. She has overseen the ABC Diverse Program and worked at the CW, overseeing six shows, such as Steve Harvey and The Jamie Foxx Show.

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Next Workshop:

Join us at the next workshop in our Latino Lens Workshop Series, on Thursday, November 30th. "Immersive Storytelling: How to Produce the VR/AR Experience" invites content creators to learn more about navigating VR/AR and the process of creating diverse immersive experiences. Well Played Studios will join for this 3-part workshop focusing on interactive/gaming in VR and AR. Stay tuned for additional speakers. To purchase your ticket visit here.


About the Latino Lens Workshop Series:

As part of our mission to advance Latino content creators, NALIP has developed and now launched a new series of workshops called The Latino Lens Workshop Series. These interactive workshops are designed to guide content creators into the film and television industry as well as equip them with the proper tools needed to flourish and tell their stories. NALIP has partnered with a variety of industry professionals who can provide insight into their respective careers as well as discuss different issues that they have faced in the entertainment industry.

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