NALIP Members Can Apply to the Nickelodeon Writing Program and the Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship

Posted by on December 08, 2017

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Nickelodeon Writing Program

Nickelodeon Writing Program’s submission period is right around the corner!  The Program offers emerging television writers from around the world the opportunity to launch their careers and hone their skills built on a foundation of strong story and compelling characters.  It’s our priority to share this opportunity far and wide to all the corners of the globe (the Program offers an international track) to find talented and diverse voices.  With that in mind, I’m hoping you can help me find the best way to get the word out to your constituents.

Would you be kind enough to share the Call for Entries with your members? (Digital versions are attached.) Feel free to email, post, tweet, and/or message the attached Call For Entries.  

It’s free to apply and the submission period is open from January 2 through January 31st.  

Big CHANGES this year:

1.   The deadline is now January 31st at midnight (PST).

2.   Introducing a Preschool Track for writers interested in writing and/or creating shows for Nick Jr.

As a reminder, all spec scripts submitted must be based on a show from our Accepted Shows List.

For more details, visit 


Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship

The Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship board members recognize the need for more diversity in the post-production community and want to actively foster it. Being part of a supportive community is crucial to career development and artistic growth. To this end, they are launching an initiative that will gather small groups of diverse mentees who will be mentored by veteran documentary editors.

The Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship (KSFEF) Diversity in the Edit Room program is meant to provide opportunities for people who come from a variety of traditionally underrepresented backgrounds and experiences—including people of color, LGBTQ, women, disabled, and/or economically disadvantaged.


The KSFEF Diversity in the Edit Room program is looking for people at all levels of documentary editing who would bring something special to the program and would also stand to gain from it.

The main component of the year-long program will consist of casual small group meetings taking place over drinks, coffee, or meals. The meetings will be a place where mentees and mentors can discuss their life and work experiences, the craft of editing, and the business of it. 

Mentees will be asked to declare a career goal for the year, with the hope that it will inspire them to work towards something tangible and also allow their mentors and fellow mentees to help them get to the next stage in their career.

The first year of the program will take place in New York. In coming years, we may expand the program to other cities.

The KSFEF board members would like to acknowledge ACE’s Diversity Mentorship Program, headed by Troy Takaki and Mark Yoshikawa, as an inspiration and model for their program and thank them for their guidance.


• Nominees should be from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds and experiences—including people of color, LGBTQ, women, disabled, and/or economically disadvantaged. 

• Nominees should be people who consider themselves as primarily documentary editors (as opposed to fiction). This includes apprentices, assistant editors, junior editors, and editors.

• Nominees should be smart, talented, and self-motivated people who are eager to get together with like-minded creatives to talk about the art, craft, and business of editing documentaries.

• Nominees should be able to attend monthly meetings in NYC.


1. Nomination: Send us your nominee’s name, his/her email and a short paragraph about why they would be good for the program (how you know him/her, what he/she can get out of it, etc.). You may nominate more than one person. Please submit your nominations by Thursday, December 21, 2017 to [email protected] with the subject: KSFEF Diversity Program Nominations.

2. Application: In January, the KSFEF Diversity in the Edit Room program will send out a brief application for the nominees to fill out if they are interested in the program. 

3. Selection: Applications will be reviewed by the KSFEF Diversity Committee. All applicants will be notified in March 2018.

4. Kick-off: the KSFEF Diversity in the Edit Room program will launch formally with the first cohort in April 2018.