NALIP Members at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival!

Posted by on April 27, 2018

The National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) was present at this years Tribeca Film Festival where we were excited to see fellow Latinos and many NALIPsters and NALIP supporters attend and participate this year! Check out some of the content creators that were there are not only attending and screening at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival but are also successfully navigating their labs and grant programs.The incredible talent of each of the individuals below is indicative of the diverse storytelling within the Latinx community. Check out the work they helped bring to life!

Angel Manuel Soto

Project Creator/Director

Dinner Party

Angel Manuel Soto, a long standing member of the NALIP community, has artfully created work that both addresses social justice issues in fun and creative ways. The Dinner Party, an incredible story about an interracial couple who made the first report of UFO abduction mesmerized this year’s Tribeca audience as it showcased in this year’s Virtual Arcade.

Miguel Arteta


Alia Schwat


Duck Butter

NALIP’s 2017 Latino Media Fest Awardee for Best Latinx Motion Picture, Miguel Arteta, showcases his deep understanding of life’s everyday movement as he once again nails this  realist fiction piece that helps audiences delve into these two young people's lives as they begin to experience each other in romantic love.

Eva Vives


Kate Del Castillo


All About Nina

Eva Vives stuns Tribeca audiences with her directorial debut, which casted NALIP’s 2017 Outstanding Achievement Award in Television recipient, Kate del Castillo. This film delves into “complicated and resonate characters, as well as its deft examination of timeline matters like trauma, abuse and sexism in the world of stand-up comedy.”

Karla Souza



Congratulations to Karla Souza and her team on being one of the grant recipients for this year’s TFI Latin America Fund! This powerful story tackles on the inner battle that haunts a young diver, Mariel, after having undergone years of abuse by her trainer. This timely piece acts as a piece of empowerment for women having undergone this experience. It is due to this dedication to change and empowerment in her story telling that inspires NALIP to continue its push empowering creators such as herself.


Chelsea Hernandez


Mario Troncoso


Building The American Dream

This project explores intimate stories from the frontlines of the construction industry, as undocumented immigrants fight for their basic rights. Building the American Dream is a project that NALIP is excited to see in its full fruition from when we first stumbled upon it back in 2016 when Chelsea and her team participated in our Latino Media Market. Congratulations being accepted into Tribeca’s All Access Program! 


Paula Vaccaro



NALIP Member, Paula Vaccaro, is also a recipient of this years TFI Latin Fund. Congratulations on moving forward with,SUMERCÉ, which follows two political leaders as they fight their government’s decision to allow mining companies to carve up their birthright in rural Colombia. As tensions rise, a battle unfolds for the future security of over twelve million Colombian campesinos and the country’s access to fresh water.

Georgina Gonzalez




Current Latino Lens Narrative Short Finalist and NALIP Member Georgina Gonzalez-Rodriguez, has also succeeded in securing the TFI Latin American fund earlier this year. Her project Martínez, explores the complexities of human nature as a cranky and lonely bureaucrat resisting retirement, receives a surprise gift from a deceased neighbor. He finally begins to enjoy life through a love affair with her through her old belongings.

Sebastián Lelio


Frida Torresblanco



Sebastián Lelio is recognized for creating incredible evocative and beautiful pieces that touch on the dance between human strength and fragility. This Academy Award Winning, Chilean director, once again mobilizes American audiences with another film that both empowers women and celebrates difference. It is due to his dedication and love to these types of stories that NALIP aims to continue to celebrate him now and in the future.

Nia DaCosta


Tessa Thompson


Little Woods

NALIP also wanted to recognize the incredible winner of The Nora Ephron Award and $25,000 grant, Nia DaCosta, whose emotionally charged thriller weaves timely themes about the economic downturn and what that struggle looks like in Rural America. Lead Actress, Afro Latina, Tessa Thompson, draws in the audiences with a phenomenal performance.

Once again, congratulations to all of your major successes this year! We here at NALIP cannot wait to see what else you have in store for us!