Check out NALIP Member Dominic Colon's Projects Crush and SKIN

Posted by on May 17, 2018

It’s Prom Night in the South Bronx, and Michael is in for an evening of horror, hilarity, and hope as he decides whether or not to man up and “kick it” to his high school Crush or “punk out” and let him walk into the sunset with “some hairy wilder beast bitch.”  

Crush adds a Bronx, Gay, Latino spin to classic teen coming of age movie.  In the beginning of the movie, we see our hero Michael, drunk over a toilet in a bathroom at his High School Senior Prom.  Michael is torn about graduation and the possibility of never seeing his long crush, his homeroom buddy Brandon.  Michael’s prom date and best friend Nikkie, offers Michael encouragement and tough love to get him to approach Brandon about his feelings.  Michael and Brandon bump heads, sending Michael into a fantasy sequence in which Michael’s feelings for Brandon are reciprocated.  When Michael realizes it was all just a dream, he is thrown into the now or never moment of finally having to face his fears of coming out to Brandon or let that moment slip away and having to forever wonder “what if?”

SKIN is a comedy about a guy who refuses to have sex without his shirt on after losing 200 pounds. Coming to grips that he may lose his boyfriend over it, he embarks on a comical and heartfelt journey toward self-love.
Actor/writer Dominic Colón has written a comedy about one of the biggest accomplishments in his life thus far— having lost 190lbs from a top weight of 387lbs! After such great weight loss, he knew there was going to be some extra skin, but he never imagined how much. He’s since come to embrace it as a symbol of how truly bad-ass he is! However, he could not avoid noticing strange looks and curiosity at the gym and among friends and family, often asking, “Where does it all go?” and “You’re gonna be really attractive without it”. SKIN has the power to reach far and wide while creating a conversation on body image, self-love and how often times limitations are simply created within the confines of one’s own mind. This is a tall order in a short film, but anyone who has seen Dominic’s HBO award winning short film, CRUSH, knows that as a storyteller, he and his team have what it takes to make this film entertain and inspire!


Catch Crush and SKIN on HereTV Network, cable TV’s first LGBT centered Network in June!

Dominic Colón (writer/producer) is an award-winning actor, writer, producer and filmmaker that was born and raised in the Bronx. Most recognized for his work as Manny Spamboni on the Emmy Award Winning Children’s Show, The Electric Company, and as Anibal on the STARZ series POWER. Dominic has appeared in over 60 television shows and movies including: Money Monster, Southpaw, Orange is the New Black, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and The Blacklist.   In the fall of 2018 Dominic will be seen opposite Benicio Del Toro, Patricia Arquette, and Paul Dano in the SHOWTIME Limited Series ESCAPE AT DANNEMORA directed by Ben Stiller.   

Dominic is also an award-winning writer, his screen play for his short film CRUSH, won the HBO/New York International Film Festival Short Film Script Competition. Dominic's second short film, SKIN, a semi-autobiographical film about a man who is afraid to have sex without a shirt on after extreme weight loss premiered at the 2017 HBO/New York Latino Film Festival. The screenplay for his feature film WERQ IT! was selected to be a part of the 2017 National Association of Latino Independent Producers Media Market in Los Angeles. Dominic is currently developing projects for TV, Film and the stage.