NALIP Member Alvaro Ron's Success With 'Swimming in the Desert'

Posted by on April 21, 2017

We are excited to announce that 'Swimming in the Desert' by NALIP Member Alvaro Ron won the Golden Wings Jury Short Film Award at the prestigious 18th Leeds Young Film Festival, the biggest Youth film fest in the UK. The Jury thought the film "had an extremely important message and showed that an individual’s actions could really affect change in a community. They found it funny and unique within the competition and were impressed with the wide ranging appeal, as the film spoke not only to them but to audiences of all ages."
The film was part of the Latino Lens Shorts Narrative Incubator with the support of the Time Warner Foundation and The National Endowment for the Arts. It stars Tony Plana (Ugly Betty), Karen Strassman (Weeds), Krizia Bajos (Jane the Virgin) and Melody Marquez. It is produced by Rosana Tomas, Saray Deiseil and Guillermo Escalona and executive produced by Ben Lopez, Axel Caballero and Sergio Aguero. 
'Swimming in the Desert' recently won Best Latino Short Film and Best Screenplay at the Oklahoma Cine Latino Film Festival and has been selected by thirty other festivals in ten different countries… and counting! Check out the film’s music video by Arturo Cardelús and the teaser here.  
NALIP takes pride in supporting members long after their success throughout our programs. We are thrilled to see members like Alvaro taking big strides in the industry, and we hope to continue hearing great news about 'Swimming in the Desert.'