NALIP Lab Fellow LUCKY at UnionDocs with Film Fatales on 11/18


Filmmaker Laura Checkoways presents her breakout documentary 'Lucky' in the second episode of our new film series, Wednesday November 18th at 7.30pm at UnionDocs: 322 Union Ave, Williamsburg!

The screening with be followed by a Q&A with Laura Checkoway, producer Neyda Martinez, and Dr. Pereta Rodriguez moderated by Film Fatale Chapter Co-Chair Julie Bridgham.

An astoundingly brilliant, incredibly intimate account of struggle and survival, Lucky is a gut-wrenching and fascinating watch. Following the confrontingly bullish and hopelessly vulnerable Waleska ‘Lucky’ Torres Ruiz for over six years, ‘Lucky’ is an unflinching, provocative look at one woman’s turbulent life through foster care, rape, abuse, poverty, homelessness and hustling. A single parent lesbian mother of two, Lucky’s New York isn’t Barney’s and bike rides around Central Park. It’s the Bronx, homeless shelters and trying to fight a frustratingly red-tape strewn system.

"Lucky's story is that of a generation with parents lost to the 1970s/1980s AIDS crisis, and forced to endure a transient upbringing. Without the security, safety, and support provided by responsible parents and role models, children such as Lucky and Fantasy (Lucky’s sister) become highly susceptible to pop culture and its social influence, habitually relying on the media to shape their ambitions and dreams of success."

-- NALIPster, Neyda Martinez, Producer, LUCKY

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